18:24:17 <TheSnide> #startmeeting
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18:24:35 <TheSnide> hi all. sorry for being late.
18:25:30 <TheSnide> #topic 2.z
18:25:40 <TheSnide> #undo
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18:26:00 <TheSnide> #topic 2.2
18:26:54 <TheSnide> 2.1.6 is out, fixing a major bug of cgi html
18:45:32 <TheSnide> 217 should be feature complete, 218 should the one with the preliminary json api
19:15:04 <TheSnide> #topic json
19:16:19 <TheSnide> #info first version with it will be 218, but the content is subject to change a lot since 2.2
19:16:47 * h01ger will go afk any minute, so excude my offtopic question: i've seen stable commits, will there be a 2.0.20 soon?
19:16:57 <h01ger> (feel free to answer that later, obviously)
19:17:12 <TheSnide> #topic stable
19:17:33 <h01ger> :)
19:17:39 <TheSnide> as h01ger mentionned, some commits arrived in stable-2.0.
19:18:31 <TheSnide> #info stable-2.0 does receive some commits, and every 3 months a release is out to catch up.
19:19:01 <h01ger> ic
19:19:15 <TheSnide> #info ... a release can also be done upon request, if relevant
19:19:30 <h01ger> from our wikipage: 2013-12-07: Munin 2.0.19 is released.
19:19:39 <h01ger> so any minute now ;-p
19:19:44 <TheSnide> #info ... that all means that .20 is imminent.
19:19:53 * h01ger cheers at TheSnide
19:21:05 <h01ger> this means, 2.0.20 will become a candidate for bpo. cause soon, we will move to apache2.4 (maybe with 2.0.20-2 then) and then backporting will be more work. not sure if _i_ (</hint>!) want to do that
19:21:22 <TheSnide> actually, i still have some bugs on the aiming slot, but .20 will happen before next meeting.
19:22:32 <TheSnide> btw, if we're lucky, 2.2 wont have any cgi anymore.
19:22:54 <h01ger> all locally in the client?
19:23:03 <h01ger> or static on the server?
19:23:07 <TheSnide> all pure direct http servers. proxy-pass if needed.
19:23:43 <TheSnide> nah. http://localhost:494980/ sortof
19:24:27 <h01ger> oha
19:24:47 <TheSnide> (well more http://localhost:4989/ )
19:25:02 * h01ger shivers but i think i should hear more first... but you plan to write a active application running on the munin server accessable via le web?
19:25:20 <TheSnide> as cgi is :)
19:26:00 <h01ger> right :)
19:26:10 <h01ger> i should have gone afk. 9h traveling today :)
19:26:28 <TheSnide> no pb. thing is i want to avoid cgi issues.
19:26:41 <TheSnide> proxying http is more 2014-ish.
19:27:18 <TheSnide> cron will stay.
19:27:26 <TheSnide> even per default.
19:27:45 * TheSnide is not going to burn himself a second time :)
19:28:29 <h01ger> first cut is the deepest ;p
19:28:59 <TheSnide> well, yes. but the rationale of keeping it hasn't changed. yet.
19:29:33 <TheSnide> #topic munin-c
19:29:42 <TheSnide> sadly, nothing to see here.
19:30:13 <TheSnide> #topic misc
19:31:07 * TheSnide might do a talk about the move to sql in paris in june.
19:31:20 <h01ger> where?
19:32:10 <TheSnide> paris
19:33:01 <TheSnide> will be in french at perl user group
19:34:25 <TheSnide> nothing confirmed yet
19:36:03 <TheSnide> but if it happens i'll translate the slides
19:39:44 <TheSnide> ok
19:39:47 <TheSnide> #endmeeting