18:08:13 <TheSnide> #startmeeting
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18:08:19 <TheSnide> hi all
18:08:35 <TheSnide> #topic 2.2
18:08:46 <TheSnide> nothing new.
18:09:14 <TheSnide> i tried with the munstrap templates, it works quite well now.
18:09:33 <TheSnide> more on that next time.
18:10:27 <TheSnide> #topic json
18:11:02 <TheSnide> i think i will present an api derived from the sql
18:18:05 <TheSnide> it will also present data from the time series.
18:18:39 <TheSnide> ideally with multiple formats. like PNG.
18:19:16 <TheSnide> which could be used to generate _frankenstein_ graphs.
18:19:48 <TheSnide> from the UI, without the need of a specially crated plugin.
18:21:07 <TheSnide> #topic procid
18:21:27 <TheSnide> helmut: (ping)
18:21:31 <helmut> hidepid?
18:21:43 <TheSnide> #topic hidepid
18:21:46 <TheSnide> (sorry)
18:22:05 <helmut> well there is this mount /proc -o remount,hidepid=1 which breaks plugins threads, processes
18:22:17 <helmut> deb#741941
18:22:51 <helmut> the question is: is there already some standard group munin could reuse? can munin help establish such a standard group?
18:23:06 <helmut> the problem also exists for nagios, icinga, probably more
18:23:35 <helmut> ideas?
18:24:39 <TheSnide> helmut: ssm replied IIRC
18:25:53 <TheSnide> basically he said that once mainstream, a system group will be created to allow looking into all pids. then the plugin will have to use it.
18:25:54 <helmut> yes, saying that there should be a standard group.
18:26:15 <helmut> so "wait and see"?
18:26:41 <TheSnide> in the meanwhile, upstream position is "uid root" if needed.
18:26:48 <helmut> ok
18:27:20 <TheSnide> but the issue is real, indeed.
18:28:30 <TheSnide> just upstream wont make them uid root by default. not for the forseable future.
18:29:11 <TheSnide> but, it can enter the FAQ if needed.
18:29:48 <helmut> ack thx
18:30:06 <TheSnide> if there is a consensus emerging on this topic, chances are i'll follow consensus.
18:30:11 <TheSnide> :D
18:30:45 * TheSnide does not like running things as root that are not *required*.
18:31:34 <TheSnide> that is also why the future work on node will remove the network-listen-as-root ASAP.
18:32:52 <TheSnide> (solution will be based on async something)
18:33:09 <TheSnide> #topic misc
18:33:54 <TheSnide> (nothing im munin-c)
18:36:23 <TheSnide> #endmeeting