16:58:28 <TheSnide> #startmeeting
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16:58:35 <TheSnide> hi all.
16:58:51 <TheSnide> #topic april-fool
16:59:30 <TheSnide> this meeting wont be an aprilf. it happened elsewhere.
16:59:37 <TheSnide> #topic 2.2
17:00:32 <TheSnide> i relased, which contains many pull merged.
17:01:07 <TheSnide> i'm expecting a .6.2 to flush the rest.
17:01:40 <TheSnide> .7 will then comme soon after. with the 1rst version of the json api.
17:02:07 <TheSnide> note that the api _will_ change.
17:02:40 <TheSnide> and it will be fix after 2.2.0
17:03:03 <TheSnide> or at least compatible.
17:06:46 <TheSnide> #topic munin-c
17:08:00 <TheSnide> this does not go well. As i focus mostly on 2.2, it is moreorless stalled.
17:08:10 <TheSnide> #topic json
17:08:52 <TheSnide> nothing changed since last time. i'm looking to be able to emulate the graphite API, if possible.
17:09:33 <TheSnide> the native api will be a crude port of the sql schema.
17:10:02 <TheSnide> at least in its first iteration.
17:11:09 <TheSnide> this will enable a quick implementation. It might require some modern Perl, EL5 support will be done later.
17:11:45 <TheSnide> (el5 == perl 5.8)
17:12:02 <helmut> wrt. munin-c: actually who is missing features in munin-c (besides packaging)?
17:12:58 <TheSnide> helmut: packaging is _the_ missing feat right now.
17:14:15 <TheSnide> #topic misc
17:18:55 <TheSnide> helmut: what needs munin-c now is exposure. packaging will help.
17:20:11 <TheSnide> helmut: i'll write some win32 specific port code. but that wont happen right now.
17:21:22 <TheSnide> on a sidenote, as i'll be given some OSX hw, i'll see the issues of munin in osx.
17:22:31 <TheSnide> Btw, what do you think about hinting ppl to use a munin specific perl ?
17:22:49 <TheSnide> (and leaving the system on alone)
17:26:10 <TheSnide> ending the meeting now. we'll see if i'll open it again at 2000 CET..
17:26:19 * ssm is on daylight savings time, and figured he was going to make it, but then again... :)
17:26:38 <TheSnide> ssm: meeting is still open.
17:26:59 <TheSnide> ssm: ... you just extended the timeout by 10 min
17:28:36 <TheSnide> ssm: i propose that next week meeting is at 2130 CET. same day.
17:28:36 <ssm> I'll push my logging wip to munin-dev, and get munin to debian experimental.
17:28:57 <ssm> logging needs configuration and command line switches before it's ready to merge.
17:29:17 <ssm> anything packaging-related needed for munin-c?
17:29:29 <TheSnide> ssm: bah, merge it. 2.1 is cutting anyway :)
17:29:58 <TheSnide> merge early. feel bad. fix early. #win
17:31:06 <TheSnide> does actual logging _work_ ? (i dont care about needing to change code to change log level)
17:31:07 <ssm> Ok.  Changing logging to critical=>stderr and info=>syslog (or debug=>syslog), and merging that.
17:31:12 <ssm> yes, it does.
17:31:32 <ssm> logging works, and it passes tests
17:31:32 <TheSnide> so, yes. merging is quite recommended.
17:31:45 <ssm> Coming to a pull request near you soon, then.
17:31:56 <TheSnide> \o/ thx
17:32:08 <ssm> Losing mobile connectivity in a few minutes, but I'm at home in an hour or so
17:32:24 <TheSnide> is 2130 better for you ?
17:32:33 <ssm> works well for me
17:33:03 * ssm is going silent until then.  bibi
17:33:45 <TheSnide> by
17:33:54 <TheSnide> #endmeeting