19:45:46 <TheSnide> #startmeeting
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19:45:53 <TheSnide> hi all
19:47:30 <ssm> 'ello :)
19:49:42 <TheSnide> #topic 2.2
19:55:11 <TheSnide> nothing new.
19:57:35 <TheSnide> #topic json
19:58:21 <TheSnide> i made a very small sample of mojolicious server
19:59:35 <TheSnide> doesnt do much, but it takes about 7s to start on the rpi
19:59:49 <TheSnide> yet, once started it goes fast
20:00:31 <TheSnide> so, will have to wait until it is more feature full to tell more, but it is quite nice to work with
20:00:55 <TheSnide> prob is that is it perl5.10+
20:01:03 <ssm> mojolicious gets a thousand requests per second on my cheap workstation with one thread, but it is slow to start.
20:01:16 <ssm> support goals interfere with perl5.10+
20:02:42 <ssm> ah, perl 5.10 is in rhel6 and on
20:03:03 <TheSnide> we migth either deprecated el5, or ...
20:03:55 <TheSnide> imho, el6+ is not anymore an issue. for the master
20:04:22 * ssm agrees.  node, on the other hand, should run on C64 :D
20:04:24 <ssm> and up
20:07:06 <TheSnide> time will tell, but seems noone will object
20:07:08 <TheSnide> :)
20:07:10 <ssm> To rephrase that: I think it makes sense for the munin master to demand newer OS than the munin node.
20:07:30 <ssm> if it makes the munin master better
20:08:19 <TheSnide> #info master can ask for a somewhat up to date OS, node cannot
20:08:57 <TheSnide> #topic m-c
20:09:16 <TheSnide> nothing new.
20:13:14 <TheSnide> #topic misc
20:23:57 <TheSnide> #endmeeting