19:32:38 <TheSnide> #startmeeting
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19:32:40 <TheSnide> Hi all
19:34:09 <TheSnide> so, let's start
19:34:35 <TheSnide> #topic 2.2
19:35:22 <TheSnide> The merges are integrating themelves nicely. The rate of the merge has decreased, as I almost emptied the backlog.
19:36:20 <TheSnide> I got hit and fixed a bug in the Log::Dispatch code, so merging in devel is a GoodThing.
19:37:39 <TheSnide> The new logging FWK looks pretty sweet. It isn't configurable via conf file yet, but the code is quite pleasant to work with.
19:39:06 <TheSnide> Things are progressing as planned, more in the JSON topic.
19:39:40 <TheSnide> The main objectives for 2.2 are:
19:40:40 <TheSnide> #1 scale to 200 nodes in a full CGI config, with sub 100ms response times on every hit of the site.
19:41:02 <TheSnide> #1b Do it on a RPi.
19:43:01 <TheSnide> #2 scale to 1k nodes for the munin-master on mid-sized HW (4 cores, 4GB RAM, 1x 7200rpm HDD)
19:43:58 <TheSnide> #2b have an UI that makes it possible to navigate inside those.
19:44:57 <TheSnide> #3 expose a REST/JSON API, to be able to delegate the UI to "partners" :)
19:47:58 <TheSnide> #3b directly bundle Munstrap as an alternate template to the official one (might be interesting to have a set of dedicated packages, such as munin-templates-munstrap )
19:49:06 <TheSnide> #4 have more ppl participating at weekly meetings. :-D
19:49:37 <TheSnide> #4b have ppl _say_ something at weekly meetings...
19:49:56 <TheSnide> #topic JSON
19:50:57 <TheSnide> The PoC that i started with Mojolicious goes quite well. Performance is very decent.
20:02:28 <TheSnide> Also, the deployement part is nice, as it doesn't need to setup any CGI anymore.
20:03:26 <TheSnide> Finally, it just feels refreshing to use event-based programming.
20:04:21 <TheSnide> The only drawback is that it requires perl5.10, and that its API isn't that stable.
20:05:12 <TheSnide> Writing portable code across Mojo releases isn't that easy, but I don't think I'll use anything too fancy.
20:06:05 * TheSnide feels just like using NodeJS, just without leaving my Perl confort zone
20:06:19 <TheSnide> #topic munin-c
20:06:44 <TheSnide> That's the little black sheep in here. Nothing moved much on that side.
20:07:01 <TheSnide> ... And I'm afraid it will stay like that for a while.
20:07:40 <TheSnide> The main issue with that state of fact is that the win32 port isn't going well either, as I don't have any environement to compile it upon.
20:08:11 <TheSnide> That said, I do have an OSX one. So BSD support might be coming, OSX-style.
20:08:51 * TheSnide is still struggling to install the munin dev environnement. Mostly because of non-perl issues, such as rrdtool.
20:09:35 <TheSnide> #topic misc
20:09:40 <TheSnide> Any questions ?
20:09:52 <TheSnide> - is the new hour better ?
20:22:18 <TheSnide> #endmeeting