19:27:42 <TheSnide> #startmeeting
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19:27:55 <TheSnide> hi all. a very quick one today.
19:28:14 <TheSnide> #topic 2.2
19:29:02 <TheSnide> 1rd version of json api is done.
19:29:30 <TheSnide> 2.1.7 will arrive soon, feel free to test it.
19:30:01 <TheSnide> Api might change till 2.2, to cope with design issues that will arise
19:30:32 <TheSnide> #topic next meetings
19:30:59 <TheSnide> i'll be in tropical forest for the next 4 weeks.
19:31:28 <TheSnide> if someone wants to chair them, i'll give the keys.
19:31:48 <TheSnide> otherwise see you on the 26th of May
19:32:08 <TheSnide> (i'll appear seldomly here atodd hours)
19:32:32 <TheSnide> #endmeeting