20:40:46 <TheSnide> #startmeeting
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20:43:07 <TheSnide> So nothing much new. Some 2.1.8 release is done.
20:43:22 <TheSnide> I'll integrate wens patches later this week.
20:43:43 <TheSnide> First release of standalone storable2sql is also planned this week.
20:48:35 <helmut> did sql already hit some debian thingy?
20:51:18 <helmut> ah. yes, it depends on libdbd-sqlite3-perl in rc-buggy.
20:57:19 <TheSnide> helmut: could you review the pull req i made in munin-c ?
20:57:51 <TheSnide> helmut: i'll fix your concerns. They were mostly about tmp handling i think
20:58:01 * helmut doesn't see a pull-req
20:58:20 <helmut> TheSnide: which address did you send it to?
20:58:22 <TheSnide> oh.
20:58:34 <TheSnide> maybe i just pushed a branch
20:59:11 <helmut> which repo+branch?
20:59:58 <TheSnide> https://github.com/munin-monitoring/munin-c/pull/20
21:00:18 <TheSnide> oh, nice /notice :)
21:01:15 <helmut> this github thingy has very descriptive branch names...
21:01:54 <helmut> well the /var/tmp thingy still is a no-brainer
21:02:17 <helmut> and setenvvars_* outside fork still is the other no-brainer
21:03:39 <helmut> TheSnide: I still appreciate topic branches that do one thing rather than conflating multiple aspects
21:04:10 <helmut> so I don't actually see an individual commit that doesn't regress
21:05:21 <helmut> are you sure we need your personal gdb config in the source tree? i'd rather not debug plugins that way
21:06:31 <TheSnide> helmut: well.. having a unique branch makes it easy to attract comments on it.
21:06:50 <TheSnide> helmut: but i agree it's suboptimal
21:07:29 <TheSnide> and, having a gdb config seems to be a matter of taste
21:07:46 <helmut> yeah, taste better resides out side the source. ;-)
21:08:07 <TheSnide> so, as we obviously have diverging opinions on the matter militates for it to be in .gitignore
21:08:19 <helmut> sure
21:08:50 <TheSnide> so, nothing new. (I'll just close the meeting, and we can resume)
21:09:03 <TheSnide> anything else to add ?
21:24:05 <TheSnide> #endmeeting