19:28:39 <TheSnide> #startmeeting
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19:28:43 <TheSnide> hi all
19:28:54 <TheSnide> #topic Agenda
19:30:05 <TheSnide> #topic 2.2
19:30:32 <TheSnide> some progress has been done on that part, mostly by wens.
19:31:29 <TheSnide> He pushed the new munin-cgi-html to be almost on par with the old one. It will be merged & released as 2.1.9.
19:31:46 <ssm> :)
19:32:38 <TheSnide> The storable2sql is almost completed either. It'll also be part of 2.1.9.
19:33:53 <TheSnide> The objective of storable2sql is to be able to use parts of 2.2 on a 2.0 install.
19:34:21 <TheSnide> which parts is still to be defined. JSON is sure. CGI-HTML should be possible.
19:35:03 <TheSnide> We could then rollout parts of 2.2 directly alongside 2.0 for a smooth transition.
19:35:14 <TheSnide> (avoid bigbangs)
19:35:50 <TheSnide> #topic munin-c
19:36:34 <TheSnide> I worked again on munin-c, specially to provide a posix_spawn port, instead of the usual fork/exec scheme.
19:37:21 <TheSnide> I'm still searching a win32 specialist, that could offer native packages of it there.
19:37:55 <TheSnide> ... and ideally porting the munin-node-win32 plugins inside munin-c would be awesome.
19:38:31 <ssm> that'd be interesting. Easy monitoring windows boxes from munin would be a killer app :)
19:38:53 <TheSnide> Actually, only 1 plugin needs to be ported : the one that bridges perfmon to munin :)
19:38:54 <ssm> with a "msi" install.  I talked to someone at work about that today, I'll ask again tomorrow
19:39:19 <Kvisle> (me?)
19:39:21 <TheSnide> I have some experience with NSIS, but no MSI.
19:39:33 <TheSnide> Kvisle: didn't want to mention anyone by name :-D
19:40:28 <TheSnide> ssm: but yes. monitoring OSX & win32 seemlessly would be a killer app IMHO.
19:40:56 <TheSnide> ssm: put the JSON api on top of it for some sugar topping :)
19:41:13 <TheSnide> .... coming to ...
19:41:16 <TheSnide> #topic json
19:41:30 <TheSnide> The JSON api is ready-to-use.
19:41:44 <TheSnide> so, USE IT. ABUSE IT.
19:42:36 * ssm is packaging munin-api in 2.1.9
19:42:38 <TheSnide> I'm still not very satified with the api itself, but as i lack skills to make an UI, I don't really know what's needed to make it much better.
19:43:01 <TheSnide> so, the API might change until 2.2.
19:43:05 <ssm> It'll make people happy, as long as the API itself is sane :)
19:43:28 <TheSnide> ... yet, the core things won't. and if you lurk here you can even design it !
19:43:57 <TheSnide> the thing that bothers me the most is that the ID might change every munin-update run.
19:44:10 <TheSnide> (since we don't have a persistant DB)
19:44:23 <ssm> id = checksum of group/host/service/field?
19:44:30 <ssm> s/checksum/hash
19:44:49 <ssm> with a configurable secret to seed it, like mojolicious already have
19:44:51 <TheSnide> nah, id = row sequence value :)
19:44:55 <ssm> ah, that
19:45:10 <TheSnide> i'd like to either :
19:45:34 <TheSnide> #1 change the ID generation from seq() --> clever()
19:45:59 <TheSnide> #2 have persistant IDs
19:46:18 <TheSnide> #3 directly use URL paths instead of node_id.
19:46:57 * ssm needs to install and use it in production for a bit first :)
19:47:18 <TheSnide> ... #3 would mean something like : /nodes/?node_path=localnet/localhost
19:47:40 <TheSnide> ssm: ok, i'll be rushing storable2sql then
19:48:06 <TheSnide> #topic misc
19:48:12 <TheSnide> so, anything else ?
19:48:49 <ssm> not much.  Just summer and strawberries :)
19:53:04 <TheSnide> ssm: ok. have a look @ https://github.com/munin-monitoring/munin/pull/235
19:53:09 <TheSnide> #endmeeting