19:28:07 <TheSnide> #startmeeting
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19:28:11 <TheSnide> hi all
19:29:39 <TheSnide> quick meeting.
19:31:28 <TheSnide> progress on the win32 native port for munin-c has seen some progress, but the win32 API is quite hairy when one want to tweak some filehandles & processes :)
19:32:48 * ssm is glad someone else has to deal with win32 api :)
19:42:44 <TheSnide> storable2sql has some issue with retrieving "$config->{dbdir}/datafile.storable", but the rest should be working :)
19:43:02 <TheSnide> ssm: actually, i'd like some help here... me looks around
19:43:13 <ssm> with?
19:43:35 <TheSnide> "win32 api" :)
19:43:39 <ssm> ah
19:43:44 <TheSnide> sorry :-D
19:44:00 * ssm hides behind lots-of-munin-nodes-in-docker
19:44:37 * TheSnide gets his lxc-crusher-sword
19:44:45 <ssm> no lxc here :)
19:44:59 <ssm> docker moved elsewhere in 0.9
19:45:30 <TheSnide> oh... let me get another sword then
19:45:41 <trippeh> its still the same kernelstuff ;)
19:45:48 <ssm> true
19:45:57 <TheSnide> not lxc, but directly cgroups ?
19:46:18 <trippeh> namespaces and cgroups
19:46:27 * TheSnide just removes the lxc coating from his lxc-crusher-sword.
19:46:28 <ssm> https://github.com/docker/libcontainer -- but we're de-railing the agenda :D
19:46:45 <TheSnide> ssm: hey, munin meeting shall be *fun*.
19:46:57 <ssm> . o O { said the one with the sword }
19:47:18 <trippeh> oh we are in a meeting
19:47:28 <ssm> :)
19:47:54 <TheSnide> ssm: swords _are_ fun. for the sword-bearer at least.
19:48:15 <TheSnide> anyway... let's go back on our tracks.
19:48:39 <TheSnide> ssm: do you wait for 2.1.9 to test json ?
19:49:45 <ssm> I can test it on the current release
19:51:17 <ssm> I'll start testing 2.1.8 with json on three masters with ~100 nodes each tomorrow.
19:51:38 <ssm> the hardware fairy came visiting :)
19:57:42 <TheSnide> i might just release it, and have 2.1.10 have a tested storable2sql
19:58:09 <ssm> ok
19:58:24 <TheSnide> means more releases, but means bite-sized ones :)
19:58:36 <ssm> release early, release often
19:58:37 <TheSnide> ok then.
19:59:01 <TheSnide> #info 2.1.9 will be released before next meeting, with wens's patches inside.
19:59:18 <TheSnide> #info 2.1.10 will contain storable2sql
20:01:21 <TheSnide> ok, this sums up the meeting today.
20:01:33 <TheSnide> thx everyone
20:01:37 <TheSnide> #endmeeting