20:05:23 <TheSnide> #startmeeting
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20:06:39 <TheSnide> Nothing much happened these days.
20:07:32 <dipohl> That's not true ;)
20:07:41 <dipohl> The gallery is finished :)
20:07:59 <TheSnide> oh. yes. :)
20:08:12 <TheSnide> did you managed to launch it on contrib.git ?
20:08:22 <dipohl> When will you setup vhost on project server?
20:08:46 <TheSnide> ssm:  < dipohl:#munin> When will you setup vhost on project server? <-- for gallery
20:10:55 <dipohl> TheSnide: scripts are ready for git.munin
20:11:11 <dipohl> I have not started work for git.contrib
20:11:50 <TheSnide> ok
20:12:33 <TheSnide> dipohl: actually http://gallery.munin-monitoring.org works
20:13:08 <dipohl> ah, nice >:)
20:13:19 <dipohl> but this is not the last version
20:13:38 <dipohl> please fetch last version from git
20:17:27 <dipohl> TheSnide: Concerning the "updates" category for the pending updates plugins. How about a new category "security" ?
20:19:16 <TheSnide> dipohl: actually, i don't have access to that account :-/
20:19:46 <TheSnide> dipohl: so, i still need that ssm adds me to the list i can sudo to.
20:19:46 <dipohl> ssm is responsible?
20:20:16 <TheSnide> dipohl: yes. he said he'll be busy these days, so he might be slow to answer.
20:20:47 <dipohl> #action ssm should add TheSnide to the list of sudo users for an update of the gallery plugins
20:21:00 <TheSnide> #action ssm should add TheSnide to the list of sudo users for an update of the gallery plugins
20:21:48 <dipohl> TheSnide: Is the chair the only one who can give commands to the meetbot?
20:22:22 <dipohl> and I made an error in last #action
20:22:31 <TheSnide> #undo
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20:22:33 <dipohl> not gallery plugins but gallery _scripts_
20:22:41 <TheSnide> yes, only chaif AFAIK
20:22:46 <TheSnide> chair
20:23:40 <dipohl> #action ssm should add TheSnide to the list of sudo users so that he can update the gallery scripts to recent version
20:24:50 <dipohl> TheSnide: Do you agree to the new category "security" and my proposal to move the plugins "yum", "apt" a.s.o. thereto?
20:26:03 <TheSnide> #action ssm should add TheSnide to the list of sudo users so that he can update the gallery scripts to recent version
20:26:13 <TheSnide> ok for security
20:26:22 <TheSnide> it feels better than "update"
20:26:36 <dipohl> fine :)
20:26:55 <TheSnide> --> less generic
20:27:12 <dipohl> but more generic than "yum" :)
20:27:15 <TheSnide> yup
20:27:44 <dipohl> What went wrong with the build today?
20:27:53 <TheSnide> trac ci hiccup
20:28:24 <TheSnide> 1 build did fail, due to failure in buildvm
20:28:36 <TheSnide> i relaunched it and it passed.
20:28:37 <dipohl> I checked the commit that you merged, but found no reason
20:28:44 <dipohl> i c
20:28:53 <TheSnide> happens sometimes.
20:29:06 <TheSnide> it happens much less than before.
20:29:55 <dipohl> do we have a check of POD contents, because I saw something that looks like this?
20:30:15 <dipohl> in the build protocol
20:30:27 <TheSnide> oh
20:30:53 <TheSnide> i think we launch the pod2man building
20:32:18 <dipohl> "t/critic.t ................. skipped: set TEST_POD to enable this test"
20:32:34 <dipohl> is it disabled always?
20:32:50 <TheSnide> no, there is a switch to enable it
20:33:09 <dipohl> "t/no-fixes.t ............... skipped: set TEST_POD to enable this test"
20:33:11 <TheSnide> but i admit that i don't know
20:33:23 <TheSnide> export TEST_POD=1 ?
20:33:26 <dipohl> "t/pod-spelling.t ........... skipped: set TEST_POD_SPELLING to enable this test"
20:33:46 <dipohl> it would be good to check the POD, because we have a lot of files with charset errors
20:38:05 <dipohl> Here the collection of broken POD pages: http://pastebin.com/EffxL0v4
20:39:45 <dipohl> #action The following plugins have POD pages with errors, likely because they need to be converted to utf8: http://pastebin.com/EffxL0v4
20:41:26 <dipohl> TheSnide: are you still here in the meeting?
20:56:29 <dipohl> ..
21:04:07 <dipohl> TheSnide: I started the scripts for contrib.git now and the first numbers are
21:04:29 <dipohl> 269 times POD page created
21:04:50 <dipohl> 727 times no POD content found
21:06:05 <dipohl> 245 categories found
21:07:44 <dipohl> so only every fourth referenced plugin portrait page will have content :(
21:08:09 <dipohl> ah every third page
21:09:25 <dipohl> I don't think that we will get a lot of acceptance from the user then unless we set a high-light / marker to plugin pages with content..
21:19:58 <dipohl> ..
21:20:18 <TheSnide> dipohl: sorry, was away
21:21:11 <dipohl> I have one important issue
21:21:29 <TheSnide> dipohl: we need to have a way to offer some content even if no POD is found
21:21:40 <dipohl> It looks like the plugins in the /core-tree/ are not of high quality in every case
21:21:50 <TheSnide> maybe via comment parsing, the one that shows the env vars
21:22:02 <dipohl> I vote for a review in this tree also
21:22:23 <dipohl> and exclude / move old / less quality plugins to contrib tree
21:22:44 <TheSnide> we cant move plugins from core to contrib.
21:23:00 <dipohl> The plugins we distribute should meet a minimal standard
21:23:20 <TheSnide> better raise their level, than leave then out
21:23:27 <TheSnide> i know. but still.
21:23:59 <dipohl> I am sure there are plugins that nobody uses
21:24:30 <dipohl> will you continue to deliver those?
21:26:28 <m-r-b> * Bushmills@freenode is probably the person with those plugins nobody uses
21:27:38 <dipohl> e.g. https://github.com/munin-monitoring/munin/tree/devel/plugins/node.d.hp-ux
21:27:47 <dipohl> the measureware plugins
21:28:05 <dipohl> the author himself says they are "quick'n dirty"
21:28:11 <dipohl> no description
21:28:45 <dipohl> no autoconf capability
21:29:51 <dipohl> I would say we need a rating tool for the plugins
21:31:32 <dipohl> Bushmills: can you tell some examples?
21:32:11 <m-r-b> <Bushmills@freenode> lo-qual or medium-qual example?
21:32:18 <dipohl> lo-qual
21:32:25 <m-r-b> <Bushmills@freenode> let me check ...
21:34:51 <TheSnide> hmm,
21:35:20 <TheSnide> might work out
21:35:39 <TheSnide> have to go, will think more about i-
21:35:41 <TheSnide> it
21:35:52 <dipohl> ok. see you next week then :)
21:36:13 <dipohl> shall we make an entry to meetbot about this issue?
21:36:26 <dipohl> "plugin review" in core collection
21:36:31 <TheSnide> #action TheSnide will see how to increase signal to noise ratio of our plugins
21:36:43 <TheSnide> yup
21:36:54 <TheSnide> #endmeeting