19:30:01 <TheSnide> #startmeeting
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19:30:18 <TheSnide> yey. on time for once :-)
19:33:24 <TheSnide> #topic 2.0.22
19:37:04 <h01ger> oh hai
19:45:20 <TheSnide> :)
19:46:03 <TheSnide> i'm currently working on the bugs  you sent
19:50:24 <TheSnide> I asked ssm to take any action he feels needed meanwhile i cannot 100% fullfill my duty :)
19:53:34 <TheSnide> more than that, i think dipohl had a topic to suggest
19:54:14 <dipohl> You mean to shorten the category list?
19:55:35 <dipohl> ssm made the proposal to transform further categories to generic terms
19:56:28 <dipohl> 1. New category "webserver" where the plugins for Apache webserver and nginx should go to
19:57:58 <dipohl> He said that the plugins for varnish should also be placed in category webserver
19:58:19 <dipohl> and some people here on the list voted for this also
19:59:11 <TheSnide> somehow it makes sense
19:59:31 <dipohl> Shall we do it?
20:00:17 <TheSnide> i don't see the issue, and I'm all for having a quite small number of categories.
20:00:28 <TheSnide> ... that would mean _yes_ :)
20:00:37 <dipohl> ok
20:00:56 <TheSnide> but i'd like to leave j2ee in their own category
20:01:04 <TheSnide> j2ee servers
20:01:08 <dipohl> More proposals for merging categories?
20:01:31 <TheSnide> as, webserver doesn't really fit a tomcat of jboss plugin
20:01:41 <dipohl> http://munin-monitoring.org/wiki/graph_category_list
20:02:12 <dipohl> In the contrib collection I used category "java" for these
20:02:30 <TheSnide> vserver -> virtualization
20:03:18 <be0rn> fwiw, I've written a few plugins for weather stations etc, using graph_category "environment".
20:03:23 <dipohl> http://gallery.munin-monitoring.org/contrib/java-index.html
20:03:41 <TheSnide> samba, nfs -> network ?
20:03:50 <dipohl> I already moved the category "environment" to "sensors" ;-P
20:03:57 <TheSnide> ups -> sensors
20:04:26 <TheSnide> or -> system (but i 'd prefer sensors)
20:04:48 <dipohl> +1 for sensors
20:05:06 <TheSnide> informix -> db
20:06:05 <TheSnide> and snmp is an horrible category naming
20:06:15 <dipohl> yes..
20:06:16 <TheSnide> (for the record)
20:06:26 <josephhammerman> Hi Munin IRC chat. I’m trying to launch fcgi for munin using spawn-fcgi. As the Munin user, I run spawn-fcgi and direct it to munin-cgi-graph, but it bails out with error message “Warning: Request for graph without specifying domain. Bailing out.” I have been unable to find anything regaridng this error on Google. Can anyone point me to some documentation in order to enlighten me?
20:06:30 <josephhammerman> Thanks in advance all.
20:06:36 <TheSnide> better use _what_ is monitored via snmp than _how_
20:06:46 <dipohl> +1
20:07:07 <TheSnide> josephhammerman: meeting ongoing, reply might be delayed
20:07:32 <josephhammerman> TheSnide: Thanks! I’ll look in the mailinglist archives  in the meantime
20:08:19 <dipohl> There is one category I am thinking about adding it
20:08:25 <dipohl> memory
20:08:41 <dipohl> I use this in my instances and find it useful
20:09:06 <TheSnide> then you have to add cpu/memoy/disk
20:09:22 <dipohl> disk is already there
20:09:23 <TheSnide> .../network
20:09:53 <TheSnide> so, i'd like sys::cpu, sys::mem, sys::disk, sys::net
20:10:44 <dipohl> But subcategories are not possible in the current release or am I wrong?
20:11:29 <TheSnide> it is. it is currently handled as normal cag
20:11:31 <TheSnide> cat
20:11:37 <TheSnide> "sys::cpu"
20:12:06 <dipohl> will be a lot of work to re-categorize all plugins from cat system..
20:12:31 <dipohl> and difficult also for the category as we have multigraph plugins therein
20:15:43 <TheSnide> memory and cpu are ok for now
20:15:55 <dipohl> TheSnide: Does it really bring advantage to have the term "sys" above all these?
20:16:12 <dipohl> ok
20:16:44 <TheSnide> yep. sys::mem != java::mem
20:17:00 <dipohl> I see this for mem, but for sys:net ?
20:18:04 <dipohl> and what is notsys::disk ?
20:18:08 <TheSnide> number of ports open ? webservice pool size
20:18:22 <TheSnide> nb fd open ?
20:19:14 <TheSnide> per-process io usage ?
20:19:27 <dipohl> so you want a category "net" and another category "sys:net" ?
20:19:34 <TheSnide> no
20:19:50 <TheSnide> net is when we cannot have sys:net
20:20:01 <TheSnide> either one or the other
20:20:25 <TheSnide> but, let's begin simple. cpu/network/memory/disk
20:20:31 <dipohl> ok
20:21:03 <dipohl> and let the rest in system, which is sort of "other system" then
20:21:53 <TheSnide> yup
20:21:59 <dipohl> I assume the new categories are not in the new Munin release?
20:22:14 <dipohl> When will this changes be released?
20:24:18 <TheSnide> if they are in devel: they will be in the next 2.1
20:25:01 <brucelee> hey guys
20:25:09 <brucelee> i was surpirsed to see that my subinterfaces arent captured by munin
20:25:19 <brucelee> is there a way to monitor the bandwidth that goes through subinterfaces?
20:26:38 <dipohl> and when do you expect release of 2.2?
20:27:08 <TheSnide> dipohl: i'd lie if i announce a date.
20:27:17 <TheSnide> dipohl: but ASAP :)
20:27:28 <dipohl> I don't need a date only a period
20:27:40 <dipohl> months or more than a year?
20:27:52 <TheSnide> no, it will be 2014
20:28:19 <dipohl> :-)
20:28:25 <TheSnide> i'm trying to polish the 2.0 before, in order to aim for the debian freeze
20:28:38 <dipohl> ack
20:28:57 <TheSnide> and then, i'd really like to have a fully-sql based 2.2
20:29:08 <TheSnide> --> but that means to rewrite cgi-graph
20:29:20 <TheSnide> , limits & update
20:29:46 <TheSnide> _and_ i'd like to have a full HTML5 ui.
20:30:01 <TheSnide> that leverages munin-api
20:30:31 <dipohl> I am thinking about whether the new category structure is sort of "polishing" and should go to 2.0.x also
20:32:04 <dipohl> Perhaps we should make a poll on the mailinglist?
20:34:36 <brucelee> im looking at my network traffic, and it seems its in the negatives
20:34:42 <brucelee> anyone have any clues why it would go into the negatives? ;p
20:34:46 <brucelee> is that data transferring out?
20:35:24 <dipohl> brucelee: we have a team meeting at the time.  please wait a few minutes
20:35:41 <brucelee> ok
20:36:31 <brucelee> here's the bandwidth graphs btw: https://s3.amazonaws.com/uploads.hipchat.com/146930/1059933/64ZRuISNdQDdbQH/upload.png
20:37:14 <dipohl> brucelee: look at the y-axis, there is a legend
20:37:39 <TheSnide> new category structure cannot go in 2.0
20:37:42 <TheSnide> (imho)
20:37:43 <brucelee> ahhh thanks for pointing that out, i looked at it earlier and didnt realize its (-) for out
20:37:52 <brucelee> dipohl: thanks :)
20:38:10 <dipohl> TheSnide: ok
20:40:18 <dipohl> #Topic Collecting Munin graphs for the gallery
20:40:42 <dipohl> uhh, is it case sensitive?
20:40:52 <dipohl> #topic http://gallery.munin-monitoring.org/contrib/java-index.html
20:41:04 <dipohl> #topic Collecting Munin graphs for the gallery
20:41:08 <TheSnide> #topic Collecting Munin graphs for the gallery
20:41:12 <TheSnide> sorry :)
20:41:49 <dipohl> I am disappointed about the bad rate
20:41:58 <dipohl> I am the only one who uploads images
20:42:06 <TheSnide> #topic Collecting Munin graphs for the gallery
20:42:13 <dipohl> Please contribute images and tell others to do so
20:42:14 <TheSnide> #chair dipohl
20:42:14 <MeetBot> Current chairs: TheSnide dipohl
20:42:31 <dipohl> TheSnide: anyone can announce topics
20:42:50 <dipohl> I don't need to be chair for this
20:42:50 <TheSnide> dipohl: http://meetbot.debian.net/Manual.html disagrees
20:43:29 <dipohl> but some minutes (a few weeks ago) demonstrate the success of my meetbot actions
20:43:56 <dipohl> but back to the point
20:44:40 <dipohl> please support me in the advertising of the gallery
20:44:57 <dipohl> ask people to contribute their graph images
20:45:16 <be0rn> Is the contribution process documented?
20:45:44 <dipohl> be0rn here: http://munin-monitoring.org/wiki/PluginGallery
20:45:59 <be0rn> Ack, thanks
20:47:17 <dipohl> be0rn: I am looking forward to your graph images :-)
20:48:19 <be0rn> :)
20:48:51 <dipohl> ok, that were my topics for today
20:53:06 <TheSnide> ok, end meeting ?
20:55:37 * dipohl ok to finish
21:16:48 <dipohl> #endmeeting