17:36:39 <TheSnide> #startmeeting
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17:37:03 <TheSnide> MeetBot: pingall meeting is early today
17:37:03 <MeetBot> meeting is early today
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17:37:03 <MeetBot> meeting is early today
17:37:08 <h01ger> oh hi
17:37:08 <TheSnide> hi all
17:37:53 <TheSnide> it might be slow, since i'll finish on timz
17:49:20 <TheSnide> i'm currentoy focused on 2.0.22 and the guide on devel
17:55:44 <TheSnide> ssm: do you think the various bugs fixes you pushed can enter stable-2.0 ?
17:55:49 * h01ger is currently focussed on some other code :/
17:56:39 <TheSnide> h01ger: yeah. i'm really eager to work on the json api, coupled with some bootstrap magic
17:57:02 <TheSnide> yet, bugs have to be fixed.
17:57:34 <TheSnide> also, i think i'll need to write contributor guidelines
18:07:24 <TheSnide> gallery project is quite nice, i'll try to put some graphs for core plugins.
18:36:00 <TheSnide> well, not much more to say.
18:36:45 <TheSnide> Will keep the meeting open until the usually 2200 CET, if someone wants to say something and he's not aware of the special hour today.
19:15:10 * ssm thinks so
19:16:05 <ssm> TheSnide: I think I merged all of them to stable-2.0. Are there other bugs I've merged previously, which are candidates for 2.0.22?
19:16:41 * ssm wonders how to contribute graphs for the gallery.
19:16:56 <ssm> I think I run _all_ plugins somewhere :)
19:52:32 <TheSnide> nice. i'm sure dipol will be eager to tell you ;_)
19:52:56 <TheSnide> anyway...
19:53:03 <TheSnide> #endmeetibg
19:53:11 <TheSnide> #endmeeting