19:30:12 <TheSnide> #startmeeting
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19:30:18 <TheSnide> hi all!
19:30:44 <TheSnide> #to
19:31:21 <TheSnide> #info 2.0.25 has been released yesterday. It is more about fixes.
19:32:26 <TheSnide> They are mostly Debian ones, if you want your fixes in the next release, petition for them until fixed ! :-)
19:33:12 <TheSnide> #info on the 2.1, i merged gfx sql back in devel
19:33:49 <dipohl> gfx sql?
19:33:53 <TheSnide> so, i expect a 2.1.10 this week
19:34:08 <TheSnide> cgi gfx, sql based.
19:37:23 <TheSnide> it only covers 80% of the features. the ugliest bug is that the data is not alignzd beneath.
19:37:55 <TheSnide> that said, i'll move on to passing the update to full sql.
19:39:54 <TheSnide> meanwhile i'll continue to add features to the gfx.
19:40:16 <TheSnide> the nice part is that the code is pleasant to work with.
19:40:32 <TheSnide> it doesnt look enterprisy yet ;-)
19:41:03 <TheSnide> ... and it feels very fast, which is nice.
19:41:23 <TheSnide> ... well that's it.
19:41:29 <TheSnide> anyone ?
19:42:22 <dipohl> I made an ugly discovery concerning the yum plugin on CentOS this week
19:43:27 <TheSnide> yes ?
19:43:33 <dipohl> http://lists.centos.org/pipermail/centos/2014-November/148163.html
19:43:54 <dipohl> it's not working correctly on CentOS as the repositories lack from needed data
19:44:28 <dipohl> I will add a warning for CentOS users in the next time into the plugins doc
19:44:32 <TheSnide> ouch
19:44:47 <dipohl> yes..
19:45:26 <TheSnide> oh, and
19:46:02 <TheSnide> #info autostarting the fastcgi containers will be upstreams default for 2.1
19:46:28 <dipohl> I got /nice/ tipps, how to solve it. If you like nonsense see here: http://lists.centos.org/pipermail/centos/2014-November/148172.html
19:46:37 <TheSnide> #info node plugins won't run with munin group by default
19:49:44 <TheSnide> so, ending
19:49:50 <dipohl> ack
19:49:53 <TheSnide> #endmeeting