19:32:08 <TheSnide> #startmeeting
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19:32:12 <TheSnide> hi all
19:35:18 <h01ger> hola
19:37:31 <TheSnide> ... quick meeting today
19:38:07 <TheSnide> 2.1.10 is out. it contains mostly the sql-based graph cfi.
19:38:10 <TheSnide> cgi
19:38:57 <TheSnide> 2.1.11 is in progress, with the sql based update.
19:39:18 <ssm> cool :)
19:40:01 <ssm> I'll rebase my Build.PL.Makefile things on top of 2.1.10, and see if it does what I want it to do
19:40:52 <TheSnide> yup. i'd like for update to reuse the db, and not scrap it each run as of today
19:41:29 * ssm found several gigs of temporary sqlite dbs on a munin server...  That was 2.1.9
19:41:37 <ssm> lots and lots of them
19:41:52 <h01ger> ssm: can you please add 2.0.25 to the pristine tar branch?
19:42:34 <h01ger> there was something unclear in the README (which i'm fairly sure i mailed about it) which was unclear, so i couldnt do it and just did the usual manual dance
19:42:35 <ssm> h01ger: I wikk
19:42:38 <ssm> err, I will
19:42:39 <h01ger> takk
19:42:42 <h01ger> :)
19:54:07 * ssm pushed pristine-tar branch
19:55:20 <TheSnide> ok, over for me ;-)
19:55:32 <TheSnide> waiting for 2110 in deb/exp
19:55:34 <TheSnide> :)
19:55:52 <ssm> I'll have to package it for internal use anyway, so I guess… :)
19:56:05 <ssm> where "internal" means "at work"
19:59:21 <TheSnide> hehe
19:59:29 <TheSnide> thx.
19:59:34 <TheSnide> anything to add ?
19:59:45 <TheSnide> ssm, do you prefer Wed ?
19:59:58 <TheSnide> (as, it's awesome to have you on board)
20:03:59 <ssm> it's far better than tuesdays, sure :)
20:04:34 * ssm read meeting notes around midnight each tuesday
20:19:04 <TheSnide> #info next meetings will be on wednesdays, same hour.
20:19:11 <TheSnide> #endmeeting