21:09:04 <TheSnide> #startmeeting
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21:09:07 <TheSnide> hi all
21:09:35 <m-r-b> * Bushmills@freenode puts the coffee on the table
21:10:57 <TheSnide> well, just a pre-xmas meeting
21:12:22 <ssm> hello
21:12:30 <TheSnide> not many things did happen last week.
21:12:45 <m-r-b> <Bushmills@freenode> joe cocker died
21:12:53 <ssm> Yes :/
21:13:34 <ssm> Lots of yuletide preparations, not much coding, and Joe Cocker died.
21:22:39 <TheSnide> oh.
21:27:10 <TheSnide> well, about the gpg thingy
21:27:49 <TheSnide> ssm, did you find out a working plan, or do you need more time ?
21:37:48 <TheSnide> well, let.s x
21:38:10 <TheSnide> close the meeting...
21:38:17 <TheSnide> #endmeeting