19:36:19 <TheSnide> #startmeeting
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19:37:30 <TheSnide> so, nothing much happened these days. munin-wise.
19:43:46 <dipohl> do you have plans to join fosdem?
19:43:49 <ssm> likewise
19:47:55 <ssm> on the positive side, it's been a good yule and new year celebration :D
19:49:21 <dipohl> :)
19:51:18 <TheSnide> fosdem, no. son's birthday on the same day.
19:51:23 <TheSnide> debconf, yes.
19:54:00 * ssm is trying to avoid tendonitis, so there has been no hackery the last 3 weeks.  Almost good again now.
19:54:01 <dipohl> ic
19:54:30 <ssm> or "keyboard elbow" :P
19:54:37 <dipohl> btw. ssm Nice that you can join the meetings on wednesday
19:54:44 * ssm likes that, too
19:56:57 <dipohl> ssm: how about voice recognition? Did you ever try these things?
19:57:08 * dipohl never tried since now
19:57:43 <ssm> you mean, yell at my computer?  I want to do that from time to time, but I fear it won't do much good :D
19:58:23 * dipohl thinks of celebrating a "steve hawking" day ;-P
19:59:14 <dipohl> but it seems, that I went to much OT now.. ;)
19:59:35 <TheSnide> any munin-related things ? (else i just close the meeting and move to those fun topics you started)
20:00:06 * dipohl has no news about munin activities
20:00:13 <dipohl> still busy with other things
20:00:21 <ssm> nothing munin- or meeting-related
20:00:31 <TheSnide> yep. same here.
20:01:00 <TheSnide> i'm thinking that next stable will be called 3.0
20:01:48 <TheSnide> #endmeeting