19:29:16 <TheSnide> #startmeeting
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19:29:35 <TheSnide> hi all
19:29:40 <Knorrie> hey
19:29:56 <TheSnide> #topic 2.1
19:31:29 <TheSnide> i almost finished the integration of the new build system. *big* thx to ssm.
19:32:09 <TheSnide> it is awesomly fast
19:32:47 <TheSnide> ... and the .in are gone
19:34:26 <TheSnide> i'm working on the full sql update
19:41:51 <thor77> \o/
19:47:16 <TheSnide> ... is a full rewrtie. also
19:47:52 <TheSnide> ... so far it can fork *way* better. per plugin.
19:48:25 <TheSnide> -> means multiple cnx to node
19:49:43 <TheSnide> the sql part is a little tricky.. as i have to unshare the sql cnx
19:51:08 <TheSnide> for now it is just a PoC
19:51:39 <TheSnide> finish is expected end feb.
19:52:17 <TheSnide> node won't change in 2.1. 
19:53:01 <TheSnide> C rewrites will be done in parallel (async, finish node)
19:53:16 <TheSnide> ... when j'm bored of hacking master ;)
19:54:26 <TheSnide> that means perl node will still be present in next major release. that way the c rewrtite can have its own schedule.
19:55:14 <TheSnide> i'll just enhance the perl asyncd to handle rsync and nfs well.
19:56:12 <TheSnide> ... as it invovles changing the spooldir format
19:58:17 <TheSnide> spoolfetch format might change. but i'll try as hard as possible to avoid that.
19:59:08 <TheSnide> backward comp will be retained.
20:00:04 <TheSnide> ... forward comp should be also. specially if i manage not to chane the proto
20:01:10 <TheSnide> that *excludes* moving to binary format.
20:02:04 <TheSnide> ... also on the regular munin protocol, i'll add "multiplexing capability"
20:02:32 <TheSnide> ... as helmut suggested it is like IMAP
20:06:11 <TheSnide> ... but i don't think i'll implement it on the perl node. nor early.
20:06:48 <TheSnide> and, i'll also add "per plugin spoolfetch"
20:07:04 <TheSnide> ... so that it for 2.1.
20:07:13 <TheSnide> #topic q&a
20:07:22 <TheSnide> .. any questions ?
20:14:18 <TheSnide> #endmeeting