19:33:42 <TheSnide> #startmeeting
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19:33:45 <TheSnide> hi all
19:33:52 <chteuchteu> Hi!
19:34:43 <m-r-b> <Bushmills@freenode> 'evening
19:36:07 <TheSnide> #topic devel
19:36:18 <TheSnide> munin-httpd is commited to devel.
19:36:27 <TheSnide> the new build system also
19:36:58 <TheSnide> new build system doesnt currently hanfle the config files. nor the plugins.
19:37:17 <TheSnide> cgi scripts are *removed*
19:38:11 <TheSnide> munin-httpd will not need any httpd server. nor any reverse proxy.
19:38:27 <TheSnide> it won't do any ssl, nor access filtering.
19:39:31 <TheSnide> ... i think i'll move to mojo later. but for now the urgent matter is to ship something coherent
19:40:07 <TheSnide> #info next release will be called 3.0
19:40:52 <TheSnide> #info first beta is expected for March 15th.
19:48:48 <TheSnide> well, that's mostly it.
19:48:59 <TheSnide> #topic q&a
19:49:48 <TheSnide> #topic misc
20:06:18 <TheSnide> well, thx all
20:06:34 <TheSnide> #endmeeting