19:36:15 <TheSnide> #startmeeting
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19:36:18 <TheSnide> hi all
19:38:26 <thor77> hi
19:52:23 <TheSnide> so, nothing much happened.
19:54:11 <TheSnide> ssm did a very nice lifting to our website.
19:54:30 <TheSnide> - the headers links no mostly point to their respective github parts
19:54:50 <ssm> some hackery :)
19:54:59 <TheSnide> - the DL are now internally handled, with an awesome dirindex css :-D
19:55:27 <TheSnide> - tickets on trac are now officialy R/O.
19:55:55 <TheSnide> this was to prevent many spammers that came recently
19:56:34 <TheSnide> and github does a nicer job at keeping them at bay ( while providing some service ) :-p
19:57:11 <ssm> in the source, plugins are no longer made from processed .in files
19:57:14 <TheSnide> ssm also did many improvements to our Build system.
19:57:45 <TheSnide> actually, nothing is produced from .in anymore, IMHO
19:58:09 <TheSnide> some templated files are suffixed by .PL in order to let them be Perlish
20:00:20 <ssm> I've updated the .deb packaging for 2.1.x after the build system was refactored. Once the next 2.1.x is out, that will be merged to the debian-experimental packaging branch
20:00:37 <TheSnide> all the emacs/vim/... in file "hints" are also gone.
20:01:19 <TheSnide> the split between master/node/common is gone either.
20:02:00 <TheSnide> everything is in lib/ or script/. We just let the packagers do their own grouping :-)
20:02:43 <TheSnide> some leftover master/ is still here. It mostly represents the templates. I'd suggest to have them in www/
20:02:52 <TheSnide> (or etc/)
20:03:04 <TheSnide> ... that nicely brings us to etc handling :D
20:03:05 <ssm> www is a good plan
20:03:34 <TheSnide> which is, i have to admit, the weak point of the new build system :-D
20:03:56 <TheSnide> note that /opt is gone, replaced by the much more firendly /usr/local
20:05:10 <TheSnide> i don't think it is currently easy to override the destdir, as the script in dev_script don't work anmore
20:06:04 <ssm> the destdir is overridable with (for instance) perl Build.PL --install_base=$(mmktemp -d)
20:06:40 <TheSnide> ssm: "perl Build.PL --install_base=sandbox" works ?
20:06:59 <ssm> yes
20:07:08 <ssm> Installing sandbox/etc/static/dynazoom.html
20:07:11 <ssm> [...]
20:07:33 <ssm> you can run "perldoc Build.PL"
20:07:51 <ssm> for details of building options
20:08:05 * ssm sneaked in some documentation in there
20:09:16 <TheSnide> --> You need to install the perl-doc package to use this program. #facepalm :-P
20:09:37 <ssm> "less Build.PL" works, too :D
20:09:39 <TheSnide> anyway...
20:10:38 <TheSnide> the new Build system is super cool. some bugs do exists, but that's the point of having an unstable branch.
20:11:16 <TheSnide> #info 2.1.11 will be released this week.
20:17:11 <m-r-b> <clouddig@freenode> After making changes to a plugin file, munin-run is still running the old version. How can I force it to refresh?
20:25:33 <TheSnide> ssm: could you have a look @ dev_scripts ?
20:25:40 * ssm managed to make munin-node configure and run in the sandbox now.  Will commit documentation and missing mkdirs
20:25:43 <ssm> yes
20:25:50 <TheSnide> ssm: *nice*
20:26:20 <TheSnide> the Defaults.pm has some issues on generation.
20:26:33 <TheSnide> ... on OSX also, the build system doesn't work.
20:26:34 <ssm> it does not handle relative paths well, only absolute ones
20:26:53 <ssm> I'll test it on osx, too
20:28:23 <TheSnide> (even after editing Makefile.dist to use the OSX specific lines)
20:29:05 <TheSnide> ... as i suppose the :
20:29:06 <TheSnide> # This variable makes only sense in development environment
20:29:06 <TheSnide> my \$COMPONENT_ROOT = dirname(__FILE__) . '/../../..';
20:29:16 <TheSnide> is not really finalized :-D
20:29:45 <TheSnide> (in lib/Munin/Common/Defaults.pm.PL)
20:30:17 <ssm> Try using just "perl Build.PL" to configure, make, test and install in the meantime. "perldoc Build.PL" for options
20:31:12 <TheSnide> ssm: ok, i'll edit the dev_script
20:32:47 <ssm> set PATH to include $PWD/sandbox/bin first,  and PERL5LIB to include $PWD/sandbox/lib/perl5/, and you should be able to run the munin scripts.  I'll convince the build system to mkdir what is needed for munin to agree to start
20:33:59 <m-r-b> <kenyon@freenode> clouddig: munin-run always runs the file in /etc/munin/plugins
20:34:23 <kenyon> clouddig: i.e., there is no such thing as refresh
20:35:08 <hugin> [13munin] 15steveschnepp pushed 1 new commit to 06devel: 02http://git.io/h4Uz
20:35:08 <hugin> 13munin/06devel 149f317e0 15Steve Schnepp: dev_scripts: adding some temp message
20:35:39 <TheSnide> ssm: feel free to revert my commit 9f317e0 when it works again.
20:35:59 <ssm> ok
20:36:15 <m-r-b> <clouddig@freenode> kenyon: m-r-b: Thanks, I'll keep looking for the problem.
20:38:34 <TheSnide> so.. that's it for our meeting
20:38:56 <TheSnide> anything to add ? (i'd be glad not to be the only one speaking)
20:39:46 <ssm> I can't think of anything else to mention
20:42:07 <TheSnide> ok. thx all
20:42:16 <TheSnide> #endmeeting