19:56:58 <TheSnide> #startmeeting
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19:57:29 <TheSnide> well... this meeting might be fast.
19:57:43 <TheSnide> nothing much happened here. anyone ?
19:57:47 <TheSnide> #topic misc
19:58:15 <chteuchteu> I'm planning to work on sparklines soon!
19:58:21 <chteuchteu> Do you have any idea about how to handle this?
19:58:39 <chteuchteu> I opened an issue on GitHub (444) https://github.com/munin-monitoring/munin/issues/444
19:59:14 <TheSnide> json config ?
19:59:42 <chteuchteu> (That was just an example,)
19:59:47 <TheSnide> i'd better have it munin-like.
20:00:02 <chteuchteu> No problem, as long as someone sends it to the templates ;P
20:00:13 <TheSnide> as, let the plugin tell how to aggregate themselves
20:00:37 <TheSnide> http://munin-monitoring.org/wiki/protocol-aggregation would be a good starting poin
20:03:10 <chteuchteu> Nice doc, haven't read it yet
20:03:15 <chteuchteu> *bookmark*
20:05:00 <chteuchteu> A cpu sparkline next to each host would be great! I haven't thought about it
20:05:35 <chteuchteu> (load*)
20:07:33 <ssm> I've started API design and done some tinkering on a re-implementation of the  munin master, using the Mojolicious and Minion modules.
20:08:07 <chteuchteu> Also, some UI issues has been fixed (plugin names are shown now), but some remains to be fixed: some links seems to be broken, we have to find a solution for this
20:08:33 <chteuchteu> I don't know if blind relative links can work, neither if we can generate absolute ones before sending those to the templates
20:09:04 <ssm> chteuchteu: is there a ticket describing which link types work or not, and how to reproduce?
20:09:50 <chteuchteu> There are several actually. But I don't think that everything is summed up in one place. I'll do that
20:11:06 <TheSnide> chteuchteu: you can rely on / being munin
20:11:21 <chteuchteu> That will be easier! But still
20:12:05 <TheSnide> as, with httpd we have a *whole* server for us.
20:12:14 <chteuchteu> Since there can be several levels for each plugin (I don't know where I read this, but it seems that it can be Group > Node > eth > eth0
20:12:28 <ssm> and group can be group1/group2…
20:12:36 <chteuchteu> Wow, didn't knew that
20:12:43 <TheSnide> having it as my_apache_server/munin/ is to be handled at the reverse proxy level.
20:13:06 <chteuchteu> But I think that we'll be able to fix some of the broken links thanks to this rule!
20:13:08 <ssm> TheSnide: makes absolute links fun :)
20:13:09 <TheSnide> chteuchteu: groups can be infinitely nested.
20:13:18 <chteuchteu> Didn't knew that, thanks!
20:13:27 <TheSnide> ssm: oh, no absolute links please.
20:13:31 <ssm> :D
20:13:44 <TheSnide> ... at least not more than "/my/absolute/path"
20:14:29 <TheSnide> no more "../../../i/want/to/go/elsewhere/" madness either, please
20:14:42 <TheSnide> just use "/i/want/to/go/elsewhere/"
20:14:57 <chteuchteu> When possible! Some links will have to be generated before being sent to the template
20:15:20 <TheSnide> if you need more VARS in the template please say so.
20:15:22 <chteuchteu> As soon as it includes groups or nodes I think (I can't guess if there are one or more groups from HTML)
20:15:57 <TheSnide> we are passed the template compatibility anyway.
20:16:14 <chteuchteu> ?
20:16:18 <TheSnide> (which was a nice goal to have, but was too restrictive)
20:16:34 <TheSnide> --> that you can use devel .tmpl in stable-2.0
20:16:50 <TheSnide> and alternative .tmpl from stable-2.0 in devel.
20:17:17 <TheSnide> ... but #1 we don't have that much alternate templates. and #2 the new templates are soo much cooler anyway :D
20:17:47 <chteuchteu> Oh ok!
20:17:54 <TheSnide> the most advanced ones where the "quake" one and the "munstrap" one.
20:18:14 <TheSnide> which are mostly merged and enhanced in the main one by now.
20:20:46 <chteuchteu> Also, I'll try to learn Pearl programming to be able to help sending data to templates :)
20:23:32 <chteuchteu> Alright, I already fixed one of the links (the one on the header logo). That was the easiest one
20:31:07 <TheSnide> :)
20:31:23 <TheSnide> anyway... EBEDTIME for me.
20:32:11 <TheSnide> #endmeeting