19:47:47 <TheSnide> #startmeeting
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19:47:50 <TheSnide> hi all
19:48:26 <be0rn> And there was much rejoicing
19:48:46 <TheSnide> well...
19:55:04 <TheSnide> so nothing much.
19:55:29 <TheSnide> i managed to make the category page work. the prob also
19:55:40 <TheSnide> so httpd is fetaure coomplete
19:55:58 <TheSnide> well, .sum and .total isn't
19:56:11 <TheSnide> but i guess i'll wait for bug reports on tjat ;)
19:56:12 <TheSnide> that
20:06:07 <dipohl> hi all
20:06:46 <dipohl> #topic gallery
20:07:31 <dipohl> we still have no contribution of pictures
20:09:53 <dipohl> be0rn: if I remember it right, you had the plan to upload some :)
20:16:06 <be0rn> Hm, what's needed?
20:22:45 <dipohl> near anything ;P
20:22:55 <dipohl> we only have a few pics yet
20:23:48 <dipohl> http://gallery.munin-monitoring.org/
20:35:56 <m-r-b> <penk@freenode> what pictures are needed?
20:35:59 <m-r-b> <penk@freenode> just example graphs?
20:36:02 <dipohl> yes
20:36:05 <m-r-b> <penk@freenode> i have thousands.
20:36:08 <dipohl> :-)
20:36:48 <m-r-b> <penk@freenode> you think i jest.
20:36:50 <m-r-b> <penk@freenode> root@munin:/var/cache/munin/www# find . -name '*.png' -print | wc
20:36:51 <m-r-b> <penk@freenode>   15427   15427  917403
20:37:12 <m-r-b> <penk@freenode> if it's just a gallery of what, say, 'load' graphs look like, i'll contribute them.
20:37:19 <m-r-b> <penk@freenode> if someone fixes my gripey stacking problem from above. :)
20:38:23 <m-r-b> <penk@freenode> (note, not holding for ransom.  i'll do the uploads.  just.. .very cranky about the state of the guide and examples that just don't work)
20:39:21 <dipohl> penk: Please open tickets also for documentation bugs
20:39:43 <m-r-b> <penk@freenode> github tickets?
20:39:48 <dipohl> yes
20:40:04 <m-r-b> <penk@freenode> okay.  feel free to do the opposite and ticket me for examples.
20:40:14 <m-r-b> <penk@freenode> i live and breathe ticketing assignments.  make my brain work better.
20:40:15 <dipohl> the guides source files are also on github
20:40:21 <m-r-b> <penk@freenode> i know.  i've edited them :)
20:40:39 <m-r-b> <penk@freenode> <-- shevett on github.  did a bunch of plugin guidelines.
20:41:01 <dipohl> :-)
20:41:28 <m-r-b> <penk@freenode> i need to run - can someone ticket me the examples upload?  and i'l open tickets on the guide issues i'm seeing.
20:42:01 <dipohl> penk: will do. But unfortunately I have to repair a broken server at the time..
20:42:08 <m-r-b> <penk@freenode> heh.
20:42:12 <dipohl> I hope I can do it on the weekend
20:42:45 <m-r-b> <penk@freenode> okee.  gotta run.  &
20:42:50 <dipohl> TheSnide: Meeting over?
20:43:06 * dipohl has to leave also
21:11:48 <TheSnide> #endmeeting