20:14:37 <TheSnide> #startmeeting
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20:14:47 <TheSnide> hi all. late, but present
20:17:58 <TheSnide> well, everyone left..
20:18:21 <TheSnide> i'd like to suggest another day for meeting
20:18:34 <TheSnide> ideally monday for me
20:18:50 <TheSnide> but it got some flak.
20:18:56 <TheSnide> so we'll leave it as is.
20:19:38 <TheSnide> ssm, chteuchteu: anything more ?
20:19:48 <chteuchteu> Yep
20:20:10 <TheSnide> chteuchteu: yes, i did. (want to keep dmmo uptodate)
20:20:13 <chteuchteu> I'd like to know when is the warnings and critical are planned to be back :)
20:20:47 <chteuchteu> I'd like to work a bit on it (quite finished everything else) but as you know, they are not detected for now
20:23:00 <TheSnide> chteuchteu: ok, i'll work on it next monday
20:23:30 <chteuchteu> That would be awesome, thank you very much!
20:23:38 <chteuchteu> That's all for me :)
20:23:41 <TheSnide> i also want to rewrtie munin-limits, and integrate it in munin-update
20:24:00 <chteuchteu> But as always: if anyone has any UI enhancement idea, don't hesitate!
20:24:04 <TheSnide> that would achieve the warning+critical+unknown
20:24:13 <chteuchteu> Great! :)
20:24:32 <TheSnide> oh, and i said it already, but 2.1 will grow up as 3.0
20:24:58 <chteuchteu> Nice!
20:25:08 <TheSnide> ... and be released on dc15.
20:25:21 <chteuchteu> Wow, that's soon! :D
20:25:29 <chteuchteu> Which is great since motivating
20:25:30 <TheSnide> irony.
20:25:34 <TheSnide> ;)
20:25:39 <chteuchteu> Oh.
20:25:57 <chteuchteu> Any real ETA?
20:26:15 <TheSnide> it is real. you were ironic.
20:26:20 <TheSnide> ;-)
20:26:35 <chteuchteu> I wasn't :D
20:26:49 <chteuchteu> That's great news!
20:27:06 <TheSnide> anyway.
20:27:18 <chteuchteu> Is anyone using the new UI in a daily basis?
20:27:28 <TheSnide> dc15 will have a release of what will work at that time.
20:27:39 * TheSnide does
20:27:44 <chteuchteu> I'd be reassured to know that I'm not the only one testing it ;)
20:27:47 <chteuchteu> Nice :)
20:28:04 <TheSnide> on my phone.
20:28:08 <TheSnide> and it is nicz
20:28:20 <chteuchteu> Glad to hear that! :)
20:28:33 <TheSnide> it replaced ThatApp (sorry)
20:29:12 <TheSnide> ok. anything more ?
20:29:27 <chteuchteu> That's the point of the new UI! :)
20:29:51 <TheSnide> #endmeeting