19:33:47 <TheSnide> #startmeeting
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19:34:10 <TheSnide> hi all
19:34:41 <TheSnide> nothing much again, i started working on C version of system 1sec plugins
19:35:17 <TheSnide> it works very nicely, but C is slower to code. but still fun.
19:35:21 <TheSnide> ;)
19:35:30 <ssm> evening
19:36:03 <ssm> I've been working on a generic munin protocol parser, which should be usable soon
19:36:11 <ssm> with tests :)
19:36:23 <TheSnide> i also started to integrate parts of munin-limits in munin-update. mostly to update the sql db with warnings/crit and last values
19:36:57 <ssm> any thoughts about getting deprecating munin-graph and munin-html?
19:37:11 <ssm> s/getting//
19:37:19 <TheSnide> ... and last but not least, i started learning nodejs. so i thought about rewrting a minimal munin-update.js
19:37:34 <ssm> ("getting rid of" sounded brutal, "deprecating" is a niceer word)
19:37:45 <TheSnide> ssm: a wrapper around wget would be ok /methinks
19:38:00 <TheSnide> ... that's it for me
19:38:03 <ssm> rendering pages by calling munin-httpd?
19:38:18 <TheSnide> yup. brute force ;)
19:38:33 <ssm> works for small setups, which the static generation is meant for.
19:38:38 <TheSnide> yu
19:38:41 <TheSnide> yup
19:38:57 <TheSnide> and you could even multiplex it easily
19:39:07 <ssm> that way, _lots_ of legacy code and dependencies can be removed
19:39:16 <TheSnide> wget -R. tada.
19:40:01 * TheSnide feels evil.
19:40:20 <ssm> I've gotten more than a few "please tell me that is released soon" comments on the new web interface :)
19:40:52 <TheSnide> you alreafy have the date of relase
19:40:59 <TheSnide> (dc15)
19:41:10 <ssm> *nodnod*
19:42:45 * ssm has nothing more for the meeting
19:42:58 <TheSnide> and even the version number of the new ui
19:43:01 <TheSnide> (3.0)
19:43:31 <TheSnide> thinking about first beta on July 1rst
19:43:42 <kenyon> the graph legends are quite messed up on demo.mm.org
19:44:24 <ssm> kenyon: yes, the rrd legends need adjusting
19:45:02 <TheSnide> dmmo is not uptodate. but legend is still wrong in devel:
19:46:54 <TheSnide> i think that 15 june is feat freeze
19:47:22 <TheSnide> then, bugfix bugfix & morr bugfix
19:48:51 <TheSnide> #topic 3.0
19:49:09 <TheSnide> #info 3.0b1 is july 1rst
19:49:27 <TheSnide> #info 3.0 is Aug 22
19:49:52 <TheSnide> #info cron based will be wget-like based
19:50:18 <TheSnide> #info feat freeze is June 15
19:50:26 <TheSnide> #topic dc15
19:51:31 <TheSnide> i plan to have a sortof hacklab for munin
19:52:10 <TheSnide> ... preparing 3.0, or bikeshedding about 4.0
19:53:43 <TheSnide> #endmeeting