19:39:22 <TheSnide> #startmeeting
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19:39:29 <TheSnide> dipohl: yes.
19:39:31 <TheSnide> ;)
19:39:40 <dipohl> just in time ;)
19:39:55 <TheSnide> yup
19:40:04 <TheSnide> say hello if you'r here
19:40:13 <chteuchteu> Hello!
19:40:14 <TheSnide> s/hello/anything/
19:41:13 <TheSnide> so, about munin update, started from scratch as suggested.
19:41:33 <TheSnide> code is still full of hacks ;)
19:42:06 <TheSnide> but i should have a working vzrsion by next meeting
19:42:35 <chteuchteu> Those are great news!
19:43:10 <dipohl> \o/
19:45:31 <dipohl> in return some bad news.. https://github.com/munin-monitoring/munin/issues/517
19:47:29 <dipohl> some plugin links are truncated to empty links also..
19:48:16 <dipohl> e.g. http://gallery.munin-monitoring.org/disk-index.html
19:48:47 <chteuchteu> Yup indeed
19:48:56 <chteuchteu> I noticed this some time ago
19:49:12 <chteuchteu> I wrote a crawler for this, but it stopped working because of those
19:49:37 <dipohl> my original version is still working
19:49:47 <dipohl> so I suggest to roll back to this version
19:51:09 <dipohl> http://munin-gallery.dipohl-kunden.de/disk-index.html
19:52:14 <dipohl> chteuchteu: you can use my website for the crawler
19:52:23 <dipohl> it's updated daily
19:53:24 <TheSnide> afk
19:54:27 <dipohl> ssm not here?
19:56:33 <chteuchteu> Thank you dipohl!
19:57:25 <kenyon> oh, it's chopping off the last three characters of the plugin names
19:58:41 <dipohl> I have no access to the Munin project server
19:59:02 <dipohl> afaik ssm is maintainer of the plugin gallery script there
19:59:25 <kenyon> only core plugins are having that problem, the gallery of third-party plugins is fine
19:59:31 <dipohl> TheSnide: Can you install the old version of the scripts there?
19:59:52 <TheSnide> dipohl: i should be able, ues.
19:59:53 <dipohl> kenyon: this is a separate script
19:59:55 <TheSnide> yes
20:00:13 <dipohl> as the situation is different there
20:00:23 <hugin> [13munin] 15kenyon comment on issue #517: Last three characters are chopped off of the core plugin names. Third-part plugins are unaffected. 02http://git.io/vYqtg
20:11:41 <dipohl> TheSnide: still afk or back again?
20:19:43 <TheSnide> afk, but hl me and i'm back
20:21:32 <dipohl> chteuchteu: What's the crawlers purpose?
20:21:50 <chteuchteu> To include plugins documentation inside Munin for Android :)
20:21:59 <chteuchteu> I don't know if there is any way to get those easier
20:22:06 <chteuchteu> When I wrote it, I had no idea
20:22:07 <dipohl> I have uploaded the scripts to create the gallery
20:22:09 <dipohl> https://github.com/munin-monitoring/munin/tree/devel/contrib/plugin-gallery
20:22:46 <dipohl> and Munin for Android doesn't have munindoc?
20:22:49 <chteuchteu> Here's mine :D https://github.com/chteuchteu/Munin-Documentation-Crawler
20:23:02 <chteuchteu> munindoc?
20:23:04 <dipohl> munindoc is a perlscript
20:23:13 <dipohl> that comes with the munin-node
20:23:30 <chteuchteu> Hmmm I'm not quite sure about what you are thinking
20:23:50 <chteuchteu> The purpose of this script is to get and format each plugin documentation, to be displayed in the Android app under each graph
20:24:33 <dipohl> http://guide.munin-monitoring.org/en/latest/reference/munin-doc.html
20:25:42 <chteuchteu> I'm not sure that I would be able to use this into the app actually :s
20:26:03 <dipohl> it's bases on perldoc
20:26:07 <dipohl> based
20:26:18 <chteuchteu> I'll check for it, thank you :)
20:27:24 <dipohl> the doc, that is displayed in the gallery, is been read from the plugins sources
20:27:53 <dipohl> so instead of reading the gallery you can instead display the doc from inside the plugins direct via perldoc or munin-doc
20:28:18 <chteuchteu> Thank you for the help! I'll check this, that will surely be easier than using my crawler
20:28:25 * dipohl nods
20:29:37 <dipohl> I thought, that you crawl the gallery to feed a mirror
20:29:54 <dipohl> therefore I said the scripts are available ;)
20:30:58 <dipohl> so everyone can setup a mirror of the gallery using the script, that I therefore contributed :)
20:31:15 <chteuchteu> Great idea, especially in this case :p
20:31:58 <dipohl> unfortunately there are no contrubutions of graph images
20:32:18 <dipohl> and only small contributions of perldoc sections within the plugins..
20:33:02 <dipohl> the gallery was intended to push doc contributions within the plugins
20:33:21 <dipohl> but that seems not to work as intended.. ;(
20:34:29 <dipohl> TheSnide: I have another issue left: https://github.com/munin-monitoring/munin/issues/518
21:07:11 <TheSnide> thx. i'm focused on 3.0 rigt now, but i'll have a look if i find timz.
21:07:24 <TheSnide> ... nothing much to add.
21:07:31 <TheSnide> #endmeeting