19:36:15 <TheSnide> #startmeeting
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19:36:22 <TheSnide> hi all
19:36:41 <chteuchteu> Hi!
19:36:45 <be0rn> o/
19:37:58 <TheSnide> a quicky again
19:38:28 <TheSnide> munin-updatz rewritz is progressing, but rather slowly.
19:39:02 <TheSnide> (mostly due to lack of time, than complexity)
19:39:28 <TheSnide> i'm thinking about hacking something quick and a little dirty
19:40:03 <be0rn> Dirtyupdate that supports dirtyconfig? This is getting better and better.
19:40:13 <TheSnide> yep
19:40:24 <TheSnide> but QUICK.
19:41:13 <TheSnide> anyway, deps should be minimal. and no, we won't support more than sqlite for 3.0
19:41:31 <TheSnide> patch for 3.1 will be welcome afterwards ;(
19:41:34 <TheSnide> ;)
19:41:58 <TheSnide> first alpha should appear on 1rt aug.
19:42:18 <TheSnide> then beta on 15th aug
19:42:22 <be0rn> Sounds good
19:42:32 <TheSnide> then release on 20th
19:42:55 <TheSnide> then first point release on 22th ;)
19:43:13 <TheSnide> anyway, same as 2.0.x.
19:43:22 <chteuchteu> Great! :)
19:43:51 <TheSnide> i said that i don't want to reproduce, but it actually worked out mostly nicely.
19:44:07 <TheSnide> ... mainly due to packagers' work.
19:44:52 <TheSnide> talk about release on the 21th at debconf ;)
19:45:15 <TheSnide> well, that's mostly it.
19:45:32 <TheSnide> .. open mic now.
19:45:57 <be0rn> Nothing to add from me
19:47:04 <TheSnide> i was allowed to speak about munin @dc15. will be interesting i hope
19:47:17 <chteuchteu> Nice :D
19:55:58 <TheSnide> #endmeeting