19:36:04 <TheSnide> #startmeeting
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19:36:15 <TheSnide> hi all.
19:36:48 <TheSnide> last week was hectic for me. mostly no update on munin-update.
19:37:21 <TheSnide> planning to be better this week.
19:37:54 <TheSnide> ... yet i don't know if changing the core engine that late is a good idea.
19:38:30 <TheSnide> ... we'll see where we are at dc15. and release what's ready.
19:38:42 <TheSnide> over for me.
19:38:50 <TheSnide> #topic OpenMic
19:39:18 <TheSnide> open mic up to 2200, more if needed (which i don't expect)
20:14:57 <kjetilho> UTC? :)
20:17:26 <TheSnide> #endmeeting