20:30:51 <TheSnide> #startmeeting
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20:30:55 <TheSnide> hi all
20:31:21 <TheSnide> i released quietly 3.0a1 and a2 last weeks
20:31:38 <TheSnide> there are still 2 big bugs left
20:32:04 <TheSnide> * rrd legends are still not always working aligned
20:32:18 <TheSnide> * .sum and .total aren't implemented
20:32:38 <TheSnide> oh, and cron parts aren't, either.
20:32:51 <TheSnide> ... else than that it should be ok.
20:33:17 <TheSnide> so, i should be able to fix them by next week, and relase first beta.
20:33:33 <TheSnide> so, that's it ;)
20:33:44 <TheSnide> #endmeeting