19:52:47 <TheSnide> #startmeeting
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19:52:50 <TheSnide> hi
19:52:57 <ssm> 'ello
19:53:28 <TheSnide> well, i fixed the label, but the fix is no good for ssm.
19:53:38 <TheSnide> (and he's right. as usual)
19:53:43 <ssm> ?
19:53:56 <TheSnide> limit to 20 chars
19:56:16 <ssm> line break instead, if the label is >20 chars, and then indent the data to 20chars?
19:56:53 <ssm> (if the data field starts at 20)
19:57:16 <ssm> font handling and text wrapping is not my area of expertise…
20:00:35 <TheSnide> yup.
20:02:03 <TheSnide> also started .stack and .sum handling
20:02:26 <TheSnide> which is ... interesting.
20:02:50 <TheSnide> oh, and i'm wandering in *bsd land for munin-c
20:03:09 <ssm> permissive license?
20:03:15 <TheSnide> taking some vacation from munin ;(
20:03:22 <TheSnide> porting it mostly.
20:03:34 <TheSnide> license change is side track
20:03:43 * ssm would be very happy to see progress on munin-c, it is _way_ fast when run as a systemd socket based service.
20:04:21 <ssm> (or inetd, or xinetd, or netcat)
20:04:30 <ssm> stunnel would work, too?
20:09:16 <ssm> I'm working on taking the existing munin-httpd, and making it run within Mojolicious
20:09:54 <ssm> This will work as a httpd, as well as command line, CGI and PSGI.
20:10:38 <ssm> I'll aim to keep using the existing templates and static files
20:11:02 <ssm> This is my "before 3.0 work".
20:11:54 <ssm> After 3.0, I can use this base to move munin-update and munin-limit into Minion, making it communicate with the munin master web server, enabling update-on-demand, receive munin node data over http, and other goodies
20:12:40 <ssm> (Minion is a job queue module, documented at http://mojolicio.us/perldoc/Minion)
20:18:09 <ssm> anything else?
20:25:13 <dipohl> thanks for fixing issue #517
20:30:20 <TheSnide> nope.
20:30:25 <TheSnide> #endmeeting