19:37:42 <TheSnide> #startmeeting
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19:37:45 <TheSnide> hi all
19:37:55 <ssm> 'evening
19:37:57 <TheSnide> (yes, it's that moment of the week)
19:38:22 <TheSnide> i have mostly finished .sum
19:39:53 <ssm> I'm hacking through Munin::Master::Graph, trying to use it from within Mojolicious without breaking it too badly.
19:52:55 * ssm plans on working on Graph.pm until that works under Mojolicious before doing anything else.
19:53:05 <ssm> (... munin-related development)
19:58:37 <TheSnide> yup.
19:58:55 <TheSnide> .stack seems more vicious.
19:59:11 <TheSnide> i'm really wondering if it is used broadly
20:00:29 <TheSnide> also, i'd like to remove the storable from munin-update, and crzate the sqlite directly from the child processes
20:00:40 <TheSnide> but that's low prio.
20:00:53 <ssm> I was thinking of ".draw STACK".  Not the same?
20:01:12 <TheSnide> (but still interesting, since the merging is 1 thread only)
20:01:15 <TheSnide> ope.
20:01:21 <TheSnide> field.stack
20:01:22 <ssm> ah, same, but with borrowing
20:01:27 <TheSnide> yup
20:01:54 <ssm> Yes, I've used that previously, when making graphs with DS from different places.
20:03:06 <ssm> Long since automated by puppet, which generates munin config…
20:09:29 <TheSnide> do you have a sample plugin for that ?
20:09:36 <TheSnide> ... in node.d.debug
20:09:42 <TheSnide> would be handy ;)
20:09:53 <TheSnide> as the cdef_sum one
20:10:14 <TheSnide> anyway...
20:10:19 <TheSnide> #endmeeting