20:38:53 <TheSnide> #startmeeting
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20:39:00 <TheSnide> HI ALL !
20:39:10 <TheSnide> *drums*
20:39:31 <TheSnide> ... at least a weekly meeting.
20:39:58 <TheSnide> (well, i admit that it's 1 hour late)
20:40:08 <TheSnide> .. but anyway i don't have much to say.
20:40:40 <m-r-b> <psofa@freenode> is adding more elements in a graph supported?for example add a new disk on hddtemp?Cause my graphs seem bugged unless i delete old data first
20:40:58 <be0rn> That should not be a problem.
20:41:07 <be0rn> Just give it time.
20:41:17 <TheSnide> just that i'd like to have some 3.0 beta packaged to have some tester. if not i'll just release a 3.0 and let the mess sort itself out.
20:41:54 * TheSnide doesn't have mucho freetime those days, and noticed he's a SPOF :'(
20:42:50 <TheSnide> The only missing part is some munin-html + munin-graph cron scripts that emulate their 2.0 counterparts.
20:43:12 <TheSnide> which can be skipped alltogether in the 3.0.0 IMHO.
20:43:52 * TheSnide thinks that a half-backed 3.0 might be better than a inexistant perfect 3.0
20:44:08 * TheSnide doesn't want to go the Perl6 road :D
20:44:34 <TheSnide> anyway i'll close the meeting in 15 min.
22:09:18 <shapirus> do any 3.0 deb packages exist?
22:11:51 <kenyon> shapirus: not yet, as far as I know. they would most likely first appear in the experimental distribution. https://tracker.debian.org/pkg/munin
22:14:01 <TheSnide> #endmeeting