21:10:26 <TheSnide> #startmeeting
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21:10:31 <chteuchteu> BTW, it seems that http://demo.munin-monitoring.org/ is now working
21:10:37 <chteuchteu> </joke>
21:10:39 <TheSnide> #chair ssm chteuchteu
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21:12:47 <chteuchteu> For the record, ssm is currently working on preparing the packages for the shiny munin 3.0
21:12:55 <chteuchteu> (or at least versions 2.999.*)
21:13:45 <chteuchteu> We also recalled that "unknown", "warning" & "critical" states weren't reported on UI (don't know where it comes from)
21:14:18 <chteuchteu> We were also talking about making it easier to enable/disable official and/or contrib plugins
21:14:54 <chteuchteu> This week, we talked about SVG graphs and how to allow users to enable them (in replacement for PNG versions)
21:15:09 <chteuchteu> This mechanism would also allow users to pick js-charts graphs instead
21:15:18 <chteuchteu> (well, when this feature will be developed)
21:15:52 <chteuchteu> (don't want to tackle anyone here, the responsible will recognize himself)
21:15:55 <chteuchteu> (that's me)
21:16:38 <chteuchteu> But anyway, those shiny features (plugins commands & SVG/JS graphs) aren't planned for any upcoming release, so we still have some time to think about it.
21:18:08 <chteuchteu> That's it for me!
21:20:25 <TheSnide> #info ssm is currently working on preparing the packages for the shiny munin 3.0
21:21:17 <TheSnide> #info it is being installed on dmm0 (eat your dog food)
21:21:31 <TheSnide> once confident, i'll release 3.0
21:22:19 <TheSnide> but https://github.com/munin-monitoring/munin/issues/457 has to be fixed prior
21:22:30 <TheSnide> that's it for me
21:27:32 <TheSnide> #endmeeting