19:38:43 <TheSnide> #startmeeting
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19:38:52 <TheSnide> #chair chteuchteu ssm
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19:39:01 <TheSnide> Hi ALL :)
19:39:04 <chteuchteu> Hi!
19:39:08 <ssm> evening
19:40:20 <TheSnide> so, as usual, ssm did astonish us with a nice article https://fnord.no/2016/01/05/munin-packaging/
19:40:44 <ssm> from the propaganda dept… :)
19:40:54 <TheSnide> ... and a shiny new 2.999.1 deb
19:41:03 <chteuchteu> Wow, awesome!
19:41:28 <TheSnide> ... which i managed to shoehorn on http://demo.munin-monitoring.org
19:41:43 <ssm> probably not without changes :)
19:42:19 <TheSnide> ssm: *shoehorning* :
19:42:40 <TheSnide> ... actually several commits made their way to delevel
19:45:20 <chteuchteu> How close are we to fix #457 (https://github.com/munin-monitoring/munin/issues/457)?
19:45:35 <chteuchteu> For my part, I'm working on small UI changes, but nothing huge before the big release
19:46:04 <TheSnide> other than that, as i said earlier, after 3.0 it will be rolling releases.
19:47:01 <ssm> I'm glad to hear that :)
19:47:41 <TheSnide> since "world has moved towards github and rolling releases"
19:50:14 <TheSnide> So, what's missing from 3.0 is mostly an updated  UPDATE.
19:50:31 <TheSnide> and several critical bugs
19:51:31 <TheSnide> an, MOAR propaganda.
19:51:51 <chteuchteu> What kind of propaganda do you have in mind?
19:57:15 <TheSnide> chteuchteu: PR. blogs, tweets, whaterver :)
20:00:33 <chteuchteu> Seems right :)
20:03:23 <TheSnide> well, that's it.
20:04:27 <ssm> Same, I hope to get more work done on the packgaging shortly
20:04:44 <TheSnide> i'll release 2.999.2 shortly
20:04:55 <TheSnide> (tomorrow)
20:04:59 <chteuchteu> Same, quite ready for the release actually ; keeping bigger features for 3.0+ versions
20:05:15 <TheSnide> ok.
20:05:28 <TheSnide> #info after 3.0 it will be rolling releases
20:05:38 <TheSnide> #info what's missing from 3.0 is mostly an updated  UPDATE
20:05:57 <TheSnide> #info http://demo.munin-monitoring.org is updated with beta 1
20:06:11 <TheSnide> #info beta 2 will be out shortly
20:06:15 <TheSnide> that's it for me.
20:06:37 <ssm> I'll make sure packages are available for test after beta 2
20:06:42 <TheSnide> nice.
20:07:00 <TheSnide> you mentionned jenkins, are they avail semi-publicly ?
20:07:07 <TheSnide> (for us/me)
20:08:30 <TheSnide> anwyay
20:08:34 <TheSnide> #endmeeting