19:32:53 <TheSnide> #startmeeting
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19:33:01 <TheSnide> Hi all ;)
19:34:20 <TheSnide> well not much to said.
19:34:51 <TheSnide> there is a good momentum thx to shapirus which reports, then fixes, bugs ;)
19:35:58 <TheSnide> i should bebable to fixthe pb and warnings this WE.
19:37:07 <TheSnide> chteuchteu is not able to attend on wed anymore.
19:41:03 <shapirus> i'll not be able to do much in the few following days, either
19:41:19 <shapirus> taking a trip to Quebec City
19:42:16 <shapirus> however I'll be setting 2.999.2 up on more machines, so hopefully will find more bugs to catch :p
19:42:52 <TheSnide> shapirus: i think i'll relase .3 soonish
19:43:12 <TheSnide> did you try the dailies ?
19:43:20 <shapirus> there's a number of (I think) important PRs to be merged before that
19:43:25 <shapirus> nope I didn't
19:43:42 <shapirus> it's quite a hassle to merge in my local patches and rebuild the debs
19:44:04 <shapirus> for the time being, I install packages and then override certain files using chef recipes
19:44:16 <TheSnide> you have local patches ?
19:44:38 <shapirus> yes, like CSS fixes for dynamic graph width
19:44:39 <TheSnide> could you fire a PR ? or private ?
19:44:48 <shapirus> then, munin-httpd preforking etc
19:45:10 <shapirus> for what's important, there are PRs already
19:46:26 <shapirus> and then there are still those issues with the failing test that I mentioned, and the List::Util thing (I haven't tried the most recent packages, though)
19:47:13 <shapirus> I have a test debian VM now, so I can test if that test fails there too, or only on ubuntu trusty
20:14:21 <TheSnide> shapirus: ok.
20:14:26 <TheSnide> so, i guess that's it :)
20:14:31 <TheSnide> #endmeeting