20:19:10 <TheSnide> #startmeeting
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20:19:25 <TheSnide> Hi all. almost 1 hour late.
20:19:29 <TheSnide> (sorry)
20:28:16 <TheSnide> well.. nothing to say.
20:28:34 <TheSnide> 3.0 is late, but still in progress.
20:28:55 <TheSnide> Last things to work upon are limits, which are not SQL aware yet.
20:32:02 <shapirus> btw I now have some graphs to show as an example for the KSM sharing value for the memory graph
20:32:05 <shapirus> I'll make a PR
20:34:08 <TheSnide> and then, upgrades from 2.0.
20:34:14 <TheSnide> --> as it's not really pretty.
20:35:16 <TheSnide> the guide also should be heavily updated.
20:35:21 <TheSnide> ... that all for today :)
20:35:24 <TheSnide> #endmeeting