19:36:43 <TheSnide> #startmeeting
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19:36:46 <TheSnide> Hi all :)
19:37:07 <TheSnide> long time no meeting.
19:37:27 <dipohl> btw. what's the reason for that?
19:37:44 <TheSnide> dipohl: quite various, but mostly personal.
19:38:59 <TheSnide> anyway, the reasons are fading, so things will tend to go back to normal
19:39:37 <TheSnide> in between i'm currently working on making the munin-update fully SQL-based, and with it munin-limits.
19:40:10 <TheSnide> it won't also require an ephemeral DB, so many things are possible :
19:40:25 <TheSnide> * showing dead/unresponsive hosts
19:40:30 <TheSnide> * node-push updates
19:41:09 <TheSnide> * other DB than SQLite (this is quite low prio)
19:41:30 <dipohl> I thought the SQL-DB is only for configuration purposes. Will the data now also be stored in DB?
19:41:31 <TheSnide> ... also I ended up rewriting quite a hefty part of the codebase.
19:41:42 <TheSnide> no, data will stay in RRD.
19:41:47 <dipohl> puh!
19:42:12 <TheSnide> but it's abstracted away.
19:42:47 <dipohl> are there pages, where I can read about the fundamental concepts of Version 3?
19:42:53 <TheSnide> if you don't need the data *restitution* part of munin, you can easily hack it to store it elsewere
19:43:09 <TheSnide> dipohl: not really. I still have to write them.
19:43:48 <TheSnide> I blindly focused on having something to show, instead of something to read :)
19:44:27 <TheSnide> ... but you're right. I'll write some docs. They'll live in our doc/ subdir, as it's the place you should look for.
19:45:05 <TheSnide> The good part is that the code is now *REALLY* easy to work with. Well.. it is still Perl, but dumbed-down one.
19:46:21 <TheSnide> SQL metadata structures are quite self explanatory. And most it just involves parsing the node responses and issuing SQL to update the meta-data.
19:46:57 <TheSnide> I didn't change the language, since well... I am confortable in Perl, and that permits slow refactoring nonetheless.
19:47:12 <TheSnide> (instead of big-bang changes)
19:48:51 <TheSnide> well.. that's mostly it.
19:48:57 <dipohl> thanks!
19:49:22 <dipohl> I read something about a "new website" - Can you elaborate on that?
19:49:23 <TheSnide> Note that i think we'll move to a fully-REST enabled munin-master
19:49:37 <TheSnide> templates are a thing of the past™ :)
19:50:24 <TheSnide> yeah, for the www.mm0.eu, chteuchteu did some sample using jekyll (the engine behing github pages) in place of trac.
19:50:40 <TheSnide> ... as we don't use trac for issues nor source code. Only for its wiki.
19:51:25 <dipohl> will the wiki stay online since we moved its content to Munin Guide?
19:51:46 <TheSnide> and I wanted to have a *very* simple way to emit pages. Jekyll is nice for that, and it suits me much better than the wiki :)
19:52:03 <TheSnide> well... the "documentation" part of the wiki shall move to the Guide.
19:52:26 <TheSnide> the Project-related pages... can stay in the main site.
19:52:44 <TheSnide> (those are the ones that should be migrated to jekyll)
19:54:15 <TheSnide> chteuchteu already did a preview version of it at http://munin-www.s-quent.in/ with the source of the pages at https://github.com/chteuchteu/munin-www-labs/
19:56:32 <TheSnide> (looking at the said page makes it clear)
19:57:05 <TheSnide> dipohl: so, that's the plan. I don't know the timeline yet, but I guess it can go quite fast :)
19:57:43 <TheSnide> basic idea would be to have a hook on github, when pushed to master, our site gets automatically updated.
19:58:14 <dipohl> will the jeykill website when officially launched reside under URL munin-monitoring.org?
20:01:54 <TheSnide> yes, that's the idea.
20:02:27 <TheSnide> we are currently working on setting a 301 forest... in order not to loose too much ppl on the mode.
20:02:30 <TheSnide> move
20:04:49 <dipohl> and the old TRAC-Wiki will stay online and can be accessed over a different URL? (for the migration to Munin-Guide)
20:06:09 <TheSnide> yep. I thought about http:///old.munin-monitoring.org
20:06:17 <TheSnide> yep. I thought about http://old.munin-monitoring.org
20:06:23 <dipohl> ok
20:08:08 <dipohl> I read that h01ger asked for the next release of Munin 2.x
20:08:22 <h01ger> it happened
20:08:27 <h01ger> :)
20:09:22 <h01ger> just someone needs to upload those to debian…
20:09:41 <dipohl> did my patch for smart_hddtemp from devel go therein?
20:10:44 <h01ger> no idea, check git log?
20:11:03 * h01ger is sorry for not having time for munin atm… i probably shouldnt even be here
20:12:02 <dipohl> https://github.com/munin-monitoring/munin/commit/5f6f39c52003464869fb114c3f58bf64a3370433
20:17:43 <TheSnide> #stopmeeting
20:17:55 <TheSnide> #meetingstop
20:18:10 <TheSnide> #endmeeting