19:41:48 <TheSnide> #startmeeting
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19:41:51 <TheSnide> hi all
19:42:44 <dipohl> hi TheSnide
19:43:24 <dipohl> New page in MuninGuide: http://guide.munin-monitoring.org/en/devel/tutorial/troubleshooting.html
19:45:09 * TheSnide started triaging the PR
19:45:14 <TheSnide> nice
19:46:22 <be0rn> Nice indeed
19:46:31 <TheSnide> dipohl: i don't think the wiki pages on github are here to stay
19:47:00 <be0rn> dipohl: Perhaps add a munin-run example on that page?
19:47:13 <TheSnide> +1 to munin-run
19:47:49 <dipohl> I tranfered only the original pages conten (with some improvements on language and links)
19:48:03 <dipohl> http://munin-monitoring.org/wiki/MuninTroubleshooting
19:48:21 <dipohl> and YES! I also missed an example of munin-run ;)
19:48:31 <be0rn> :)
19:49:09 <TheSnide> cool
19:49:12 <dipohl> I am sure that I'll find one also when looking further around in the Trac Wiki
19:49:37 <TheSnide> you're doing a nice job...
19:50:13 <dipohl> it's my seconde Munin book ;)
19:50:25 <dipohl> so I am experienced..
19:50:44 <TheSnide> i know. the first one was quite nice. managed to get one ;-)
19:51:21 <dipohl> that's also the reason why I feel for the wiki
19:51:38 <dipohl> I read it complete then..
19:52:05 <dipohl> and there is a lot of useful stuff
19:52:27 <dipohl> many that I wrote myself then
19:52:29 <TheSnide> the main pain point of the wiki is that there is no serialized version
19:52:41 <TheSnide> with a beginning and end
19:52:54 <TheSnide> so you can read it fully
19:53:02 <dipohl> I am happy with the guide
19:53:07 <dipohl> it's much more useful
19:53:14 <TheSnide> i am deeply happy with it.
19:53:45 <TheSnide> specially when good content gets in it :-p
19:54:06 <TheSnide> anyway... i'll write something about 3.0
19:54:22 <TheSnide> updating the architecture
19:54:24 <dipohl> \o/
19:56:08 <dipohl> ssm also here?
19:57:59 <dipohl> TheSnide: There are some actions listed in the last meeting minutes
19:59:47 <dipohl> any news concerning these?
19:59:49 <dipohl> http://meetbot.debian.net/munin/2016/munin.2016-10-05-19.39.txt
20:02:41 <dipohl> Is Lars (sumpfralle) present here on IRC?
20:03:37 <dipohl> He did a good job on the mailing list. Thanks for that :-)
20:06:33 <dipohl> TheSnide, ssm: there was also a review of the github branches this week
20:06:45 <dipohl> shall we talk about that now?
20:08:28 <TheSnide> hmm
20:09:09 <dipohl> (02:05:51 PM) ssm: so a topic for the next meeting is:
20:09:09 <dipohl> 1: What is the current git branch model? Is the current branch model good or too complex.
20:09:09 <dipohl> If too complex, choose a simpler one.
20:09:32 <dipohl> therefore I thought he will be here today
20:10:19 <TheSnide> the git branch model is fairly simple
20:10:46 <TheSnide> devel is bleeding edge
20:11:06 <TheSnide> stable-2.0 is the 2.0 branch
20:11:43 <TheSnide> master is mostly bleeding (as it moves forward in bumps)
20:12:09 <TheSnide> master should always point to a previous devel commit
20:12:25 <TheSnide> tags are pointing to various commits.
20:12:37 <dipohl> I read this at the time when I started feeding to devel
20:12:39 <dipohl> https://github.com/munin-monitoring/munin/wiki/Branches
20:12:47 <TheSnide> and we have some feature or bigfix branches
20:13:49 <TheSnide> hmmm.. the merging to master is overkill /methinks
20:13:55 <dipohl> I was confused about branch master
20:14:16 <dipohl> its purpose is not clear for me in the current situation
20:14:31 <TheSnide> devel can break
20:14:41 <TheSnide> master can have bugs
20:14:53 <TheSnide> stable should be stable ;-)
20:15:22 <dipohl> I read this article (ssm pointed to it)
20:15:34 <dipohl> https://docs.gitlab.com/ee/workflow/gitlab_flow.html#git-flow-and-its-problems
20:17:29 <dipohl> one disadvantage "master" is usually the default branch
20:17:45 <dipohl> for git
20:18:12 <TheSnide> i think we can remove the devel branch
20:18:21 <TheSnide> and replace it with master
20:18:27 <kjetilho> +1
20:18:52 <TheSnide> as it isn't justfied anymore
20:18:58 <TheSnide> /methinks
20:19:22 <kjetilho> use feature branches (or your own repo/fork) when necessary
20:19:43 <kjetilho> merging first into devel, then into master, is just awkward
20:20:27 <TheSnide> yup
20:20:48 <TheSnide> #action devel will disapear
20:21:03 <dipohl> #topic branch modell
20:21:07 <TheSnide> #undo
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20:21:53 <TheSnide> #topic branches
20:22:43 <TheSnide> #action devel will disapear in favor of master, as usual in git
20:23:17 * TheSnide has to go :-(
20:23:25 <dipohl> there seem to be bugfixes only pushed to master
20:23:43 <dipohl> we should investigate that before deleting anything
20:23:44 <TheSnide> yeah, i won't remove comde
20:23:59 <TheSnide> commits*
20:24:12 <dipohl> can we set read only?
20:24:37 <dipohl> to compare devel with master?
20:26:28 <dipohl> TheSnide: will you end the meeting or can that also another user?
20:26:45 <TheSnide> #endmeeting