19:34:38 <TheSnide> #startmeeting
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19:34:41 <TheSnide> Hi all !
19:34:46 <dipohl> hi
19:34:49 <TheSnide> meeting time.
19:35:00 <TheSnide> #chair dipohl
19:35:00 <MeetBot> Current chairs: TheSnide dipohl
19:35:57 <dipohl> #topic Munin Guide
19:36:58 <dipohl> TheSnide: You said you will delete all other branches of the Munin Guide and only keep branch "devel"
19:37:08 <dipohl> when can you do that?
19:39:09 <dipohl> http://guide.munin-monitoring.org/en/devel/
19:39:17 <TheSnide> dunno, should be soone
19:40:14 <TheSnide> objective, end of this month.
19:40:26 <TheSnide> and effective 15th nov
19:40:42 <TheSnide> oh, for branch devel...
19:45:45 <TheSnide> dipohl: it's done.
19:46:18 <dipohl> thanks! :)
19:46:22 <TheSnide> I still leve the /latest/ url, as it will be handy later, and i don't like URL changes
19:46:37 <dipohl> yes, we used that also for links in the old wiki
19:50:34 <TheSnide> yup
19:55:29 <dipohl> TheSnide: Do you have any news or plans to tell?
19:57:32 <dipohl> how about action item? "* TheSnide will apply all the pending patches from debian that apply to   stable-2.0."
19:57:33 <TheSnide> not really
19:57:40 <dipohl> http://meetbot.debian.net/munin/2016/munin.2016-09-28-19.35.txt
19:58:00 <TheSnide> yes, it's due for end of.month
19:58:55 <TheSnide> have to go
19:59:31 <TheSnide> next meeting is and hour earlier (paris time)
19:59:38 <dipohl> ok
20:19:11 <TheSnide> #endmeeting