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  1. meeting times (TheSnide, 19:36:50)
    1. meeting times is changed from 1930 UTC to 2030 CET, observing DST. Still on wednesdays. (TheSnide, 19:39:40)

  2. branches (TheSnide, 19:40:04)
    1. devel is not used anymore. master will be the new default dev edge. as mostly every other project out there. Specially contrib.git. (TheSnide, 19:43:43)
    2. No need to resumbit the PR, as devel will still be there, but will automatically follow master. and the default branch will be moved to master so new PR will be correct. (TheSnide, 19:44:47)

  3. next releases (TheSnide, 19:45:02)
  4. new website (TheSnide, 19:49:42)
  5. Q&A ? (TheSnide, 19:51:18)

Meeting ended at 20:00:10 UTC (full logs).

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