19:36:09 <TheSnide> #startmeeting
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19:36:11 <TheSnide> Hi all
19:36:50 <TheSnide> #topic meeting times
19:37:28 <TheSnide> I propose to change the meeting times, from 1930 UTC to 2030 "Europe/Paris".
19:37:56 <TheSnide> it won't change much until the next DST of CET.
19:38:22 <TheSnide> which means it will be 1830 UTC in summer time
19:39:40 <TheSnide> #info meeting times is changed from 1930 UTC to 2030 CET, observing DST. Still on wednesdays.
19:40:04 <TheSnide> #topic branches
19:40:17 <TheSnide> gitflow doesn't really suit us anymore.
19:40:48 <TheSnide> we don't have that many commits for it to be really more useful than getting in the way.
19:41:20 <TheSnide> I therefore will change the official munin.git to use the master branch per default.
19:41:42 <TheSnide> it wasn't the case historically since :
19:41:48 <TheSnide> 1. it was following gitflow
19:42:06 <TheSnide> 2. we had a master/ subdir, so it was inconvenient
19:42:09 <TheSnide> but, since :
19:42:16 <TheSnide> 1. gitflow is too much
19:42:35 <TheSnide> 2. master/ is gone, in favor of an unified approach on our subdirs
19:43:05 <TheSnide> ... I do agree that there's little incentive in keeping it that way.
19:43:43 <TheSnide> #info devel is not used anymore. master will be the new default dev edge. as mostly every other project out there. Specially contrib.git.
19:44:47 <TheSnide> #info No need to resumbit the PR, as devel will still be there, but will automatically follow master. and the default branch will be moved to master so new PR will be correct.
19:45:02 <TheSnide> #topic next releases
19:46:57 <TheSnide> 2.999.4 is long overdue now. I'd have quite less incentive to work on that, but have to force myself finishing what i began. So, I'm planning to release a new devel... master now... version every 15 days.
19:47:18 <TheSnide> and have 3.0 as an X-mas present :)
19:49:37 <TheSnide> #topic new website
19:49:42 <TheSnide> #topic new website
19:50:06 <TheSnide> I'd like to have the website live by the end of the month.
19:50:24 <TheSnide> That means i'll have to contact ssm & chteuchteu in order to get things moving :)
19:51:05 <TheSnide> ... also thanks to dipohl we are able to phase out our wiki RealSoonNow :)
19:51:07 <TheSnide> ...
19:51:18 <TheSnide> #topic Q&A ?
19:51:25 <TheSnide> any questions ?
19:51:35 <TheSnide> --> you have 10 min :-D
20:00:02 <TheSnide> time's up
20:00:06 <TheSnide> #stopmeeting
20:00:10 <TheSnide> #endmeeting