19:42:35 <TheSnide> #startmeeting
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19:42:37 <TheSnide> hi all
19:44:08 <TheSnide> not much to say, btw
19:48:50 <h01ger> is devel again obsolete or is devel is use again?
19:48:52 <h01ger> +hi
19:52:12 <TheSnide> devel is still obsolete.
19:52:36 <TheSnide> i just put devel back, in order to be able to reopen the PR.
19:52:55 <TheSnide> I'll delete it as soon as every PR is integrated in master.
19:52:59 <h01ger> ah, ok
19:53:32 <h01ger> and while do you pick into master, are you also thinking of stable-2.0 suitability? ;)
19:53:41 <TheSnide> so, nothing changed. master is still *the* branch to use
19:53:47 <h01ger> :)
19:53:51 <TheSnide> cherrypicking ?
19:53:59 <h01ger> yeah
19:54:23 <TheSnide> for bugs, yes, it might be a very good idea indeed.
19:54:49 <TheSnide> for plugins, i'd say it can be also done, but on a case-by-case basis.
19:54:59 <TheSnide> ... and for features in the master, i'd be against it;
19:56:34 <dipohl> TheSnide: The docs about our branch model need update  to reflect the new situation  https://github.com/munin-monitoring/munin/wiki/Branches
19:57:50 <h01ger> TheSnide: yes yes yes! :)
20:00:11 <TheSnide> dipohl: +1
20:01:11 <TheSnide> as, for the workload, i'm focusing on reviewing/integration of the existing PR. This will send a "hey, we're live again" signal.
20:01:33 <TheSnide> I'll then release .4
20:01:50 <TheSnide> then i'll resume my new sql branch, and release .5
20:02:16 <dipohl> TheSnide: btw. 109 open issues
20:02:24 <TheSnide> for .28, I'll try to release it in the same time as .4
20:02:33 <TheSnide> with backported things.
20:03:17 <TheSnide> for the issues, i'll have to look at them closely, and see which are still relevant in the dawn of .5
20:05:01 <dipohl> the workload is a problem. it seems we have not many active members at the time for solving issue
20:05:04 <dipohl> s
20:09:14 <dipohl> #topic new homepage
20:12:07 <dipohl> TheSnide: we should try to make a meeting where chteuchteu can join
20:13:22 <dipohl> I posted a mail to munin-users to prepare the meetings in advance
20:13:43 <dipohl> Got no feedback
20:14:02 <TheSnide> dipohl:
20:14:13 <dipohl> We should care for alle members of the team beeing subscribed to the ML
20:15:40 <h01ger> dipohl: given your recent pingall experiment, i think everybody is subscribed
20:15:56 <dipohl> I have no access to the subsccribers list
20:16:11 <dipohl> it would be good if one can check that
20:17:33 <dipohl> ssm said when we decided to start the devel talk on munin-users, that he is not subscribed
20:19:46 <h01ger> if he wanted to be subscribed, i'm sure he would be by now.
20:22:18 <dipohl> TheSnide: Do you have news concerning the new homepage?
20:35:11 <TheSnide> not reallu
20:35:25 <TheSnide> have to go
20:35:31 <TheSnide> #endmeeting