19:44:27 <TheSnide> #startmeeting
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19:44:32 <TheSnide> hi all
19:44:53 <TheSnide> sorry for being late. will make it short
19:45:08 <TheSnide> #info "devel" branch is now gone. for real.
19:46:13 <TheSnide> #info the 2-week release cycle is confirmed. It's a quite hard cycle. It means that it will _not_ be delayed for a specific feature.
19:46:38 <TheSnide> (well, unless common sense dictates otherwise, obviously)
19:47:25 <TheSnide> The PR in contrib.git are quite well handled by sumpfralle.
19:47:44 <TheSnide> I pruned mostly all the one left in munin.git
19:48:18 <TheSnide> Now what's left tackling is the issues. both for munin-2.0 and for master branch.
19:49:00 <TheSnide> #info i revived the stable-2.0 branch on the guide, as it's useful for different configs.
19:49:50 <TheSnide> I'll merge PR into stable-2.0/doc very quickly, and it's effective immediatly, so please do fix things on the guide that are incorrect for stable.
19:50:14 <TheSnide> ... so that's it :)
19:52:44 <TheSnide> #endmeeting