19:43:30 <TheSnide> #startmeeting
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19:43:33 <TheSnide> hi all
19:43:46 <TheSnide> Happy new year !
19:46:05 <TheSnide> thanks all for reviving the ML & triaging the issues
19:47:06 <TheSnide> about coding style, i usually prefer vanilla posix bourne shell. And have a long code, but easy to read is quite okay to me.
19:47:32 <TheSnide> as, if you require bash instead of /bin/sh.... well, better use Perl :)
19:48:31 <kenyon> yeah, doesn't matter that much for contrib
19:48:56 <TheSnide> indeed.
19:48:58 <kenyon> about issues: so many issues still open in old trac. if we fix a bug that exists in old trac, can we update tickets somehow?
19:49:09 <kenyon> I can't log in to trac, Invalid username or password
19:49:26 <TheSnide> in contrib the motto was always : "better something than nothing"
19:49:56 <TheSnide> about trac, well, i can update them if you need.
19:50:13 <kenyon> ok
19:50:14 <TheSnide> just tell me, and i'll do
19:50:40 <TheSnide> --> it might be easier than fixing accounts (mine doesn't work anymore also)
19:50:42 <kenyon> would be nice to have no open bugs on trac, migrate them to github somehow, or best: fix them
19:51:34 <TheSnide> that would be nice indeed.
19:51:45 <kenyon> lots of work though :)
19:52:03 <kenyon> and not enough time! :P
19:53:11 <TheSnide> anyway, i resumed my work on the SQL part.
19:53:30 <TheSnide> i ended up rewriting most parts of munin-update
19:55:47 <TheSnide> my progress can be seen at https://github.com/steveschnepp/munin/tree/limit-sql
19:57:03 <TheSnide> it features a persistent DB, so unreachable nodes will not disapear anymore
20:05:23 <TheSnide> so, that's mostly it.
20:05:26 <TheSnide> #endmeeting