19:22:29 <TheSnide> #startmeeting
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19:22:33 <TheSnide> Hi all !
19:22:46 <TheSnide> quick meeting today, as better quick than none.
19:23:08 <TheSnide> Thanks to h01ger for uploading 2.999.5 to deb/exp
19:23:21 <TheSnide> new release should appear this week-end.
19:23:37 <h01ger> yay
19:23:59 <TheSnide> sorry, makes more work for you :)
19:24:09 <h01ger> 2.0.29-1 should enter stretch in 2 days, at which time i'll upload it to jessie-backports
19:24:19 <h01ger> TheSnide: its really not much work…
19:24:21 <TheSnide> +1
19:24:43 <TheSnide> ok, I have quite big hopes in the limit-sql branch
19:24:58 <TheSnide> which does something that i said i'll never do : rewrite munin-update
19:25:31 <TheSnide> it all began with some hacky patches for enhancing limits to support sql
19:25:40 <h01ger> :)
19:25:52 <TheSnide> but that was hairy, as it was deeply rooted in the datastructure
19:26:11 <TheSnide> and therefore i needed to compute the limit directly in munin-update
19:26:33 <TheSnide> ... but i failed 3 attempts to patch it.
19:27:21 <TheSnide> so, for my 4th one, i patched it on a different level, and i ended rewrite most of the code
19:27:49 <TheSnide> lots of dead code for now, as i didn't remove the old methods yet
19:28:02 <TheSnide> but the codebase should shrink quite much
19:28:45 <TheSnide> it's now quite speedy also. As I can monitor 30 nodes with 30 plugins on my vanilla RPI1.
19:29:02 <TheSnide> (update + graphing)
19:29:10 <h01ger> nice
19:29:14 <TheSnide> while in a 5 min interval
19:29:32 <h01ger> and you can trivially change that to a 90s intervall now?
19:29:35 <TheSnide> takes about 230s to update, and graphing is merely instant.
19:30:10 <TheSnide> change to a 10s interval is also possible, but still buggy (some hardcoded values still here and there)
19:30:22 <h01ger> coolio
19:30:30 <TheSnide> but the best part is that it's *callback* based now.
19:30:46 <TheSnide> --> opened the path for munin-updated
19:30:58 <h01ger> :)
19:31:09 <TheSnide> which makes the munin-node *sending* updates possible.
19:31:26 <TheSnide> (which isn't done at all, but possible)
19:31:47 <TheSnide> and, most of the code is very simple Perl.
19:31:53 <TheSnide> i mean *VERY* simple
19:32:08 <TheSnide> and a fair amount of SQL.
19:32:20 <TheSnide> which is also fairly generic.
19:32:27 <TheSnide> so, that means :
19:32:43 <TheSnide> * PostgreSQL backend for metadata is possible
19:33:03 <TheSnide> * multi-host master is possible
19:33:27 <TheSnide> possible == not yet, but not much code is needed :)
19:35:18 <TheSnide> well... that's where my biggest focus area is nowadays
19:38:33 <hugin-dev> [munin] steveschnepp deleted 2.1.2 at eea0982: https://git.io/vMEr6
19:39:22 <TheSnide> ok, that's all for now.
19:39:32 <TheSnide> #endmeeting