19:52:05 <TheSnide> #startmeeting
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19:52:07 <TheSnide> hi all
19:53:03 <TheSnide> #info new SQL version of munin-update is usable now.
19:53:33 <TheSnide> it still have many features that don't work, but the 80% used stuff is here.
19:54:03 <TheSnide> I might merge it in master, and release 2.999.6 to have broad testing.
19:54:32 <TheSnide> It might have some severe drawbacks, but revert is easy : reinstall 2.999.5 :)
19:55:09 <TheSnide> --> what do you think ? (if no strong argument, i'm going to proceed)
19:56:07 <bauerj> Sounds good
19:56:35 <bauerj> Are there any required configuration changes or something?
19:56:47 <TheSnide> not really.
19:57:03 <TheSnide> but some things *will* break.
19:57:18 <bauerj> But you don't know which ones yet?
19:57:47 <TheSnide> well... several that aren't implemented yet i already know.
19:57:54 <TheSnide> spoolfetching
19:58:00 <TheSnide> vector fetching
19:58:29 <TheSnide> limits alerting.
19:58:40 <bauerj> Still, it's just a beta so it won't hurt to merge it I guess
19:58:43 <TheSnide> .. and then the uknown bugs :)
19:58:59 <TheSnide> yeah, that's also what i thought anwyay :)
19:59:11 <TheSnide> ... better something than holding it "just in case"
19:59:28 <TheSnide> and, it's quite awesome anyway...
19:59:42 <TheSnide> .... and the code is *WAY* more hackable for newcomers.
20:00:15 <TheSnide> another thing that is currently bad : lots of dead code. i'll clean it up later :)
20:00:56 <TheSnide> i basically hacked away most of the things by hijacking some methods, and refactoring others. but didn't remove the now-unused ones.
20:00:59 <TheSnide> yet.
20:01:20 <TheSnide> anyway, it's a deal. i'll merge it, and release it.
20:01:59 <bauerj> Okay, and I'll test it^^
20:02:00 <TheSnide> ... on the 2.0 front, I'll release 2.0.30 this eve if i find some time, or tomorrow eve at the very last.
20:02:35 <TheSnide> there's only 3 commits in it. With 2 reverts :)
20:02:48 <TheSnide> so, only 1 real commit
20:03:07 <TheSnide> * a94e380 (origin/stable-2.0) plugins/linux/meminfo: correct typo
20:03:07 <TheSnide> * 45cd22e Revert "if_: check for non-empty and >0 before reporting speed (thanks to ssm)"
20:03:10 <TheSnide> * 7ce6caf (pull/759) Revert "munin_stats plugin: only graph munin-graph if graph_strategy=cron"
20:03:22 <TheSnide> ok. that's mostly it.
20:03:30 <TheSnide> bauerj: thx _o/
20:03:43 <TheSnide> #endmeetinh
20:03:45 <TheSnide> #endmeeting