19:55:27 <TheSnide> #startmeeting
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19:55:30 <TheSnide> hi all
19:56:08 <TheSnide> h01ger: i'll release 2.0.31 with the sec patch on Friday
19:56:18 <TheSnide> and i confirm that 2.999
19:56:52 <TheSnide> is not affected. The attack vector has been removed ;)
19:57:24 <TheSnide> i have to have a look at 2.0.6.
19:57:43 <TheSnide> is 2.0.6 still supported in.debian ?
19:58:40 <TheSnide> 3.0 tests are moving quite slowly.
19:59:26 <TheSnide> chteuchteu did some preliminary work for the new website with the help of sam
19:59:28 <TheSnide> ssm
19:59:34 <TheSnide> #endmeeting