19:04:47 <TheSnide> #startmeeting
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19:04:53 <TheSnide> Hi all!
19:05:08 <ericnoan> Hello
19:05:52 <TheSnide> Meeting started a little early, but well :)
19:06:13 * TheSnide will leave it open at least until 2000 UTC
19:07:06 <TheSnide> #topic Munin 3.0
19:07:58 <TheSnide> I got distracted to other things since a while, and then it was quite hard to motivate me to work again on Munin
19:10:07 <TheSnide> I'm now slowly going back to it. Mostly in the form of doing some integration tests.
19:10:43 <TheSnide> I created a new branch on my git repo : integration-tests
19:12:15 <TheSnide> it'll serve as my experiment to more black-box testing of Munin. I'm gaming the code coverage score, in order to build up some motivation :)
19:12:49 <TheSnide> .. in other news I fixed several security issues in munin-c reported by a coverity scan.
19:13:30 <TheSnide> (nothing really important nor exploitable, but i like clean stuff nonetheless, so...)
19:14:19 * TheSnide is in real need of some motivation :'(
19:14:56 <TheSnide> that's it for me.
19:15:03 <TheSnide> #topic questionq
19:15:04 <TheSnide> #topic questions
19:18:25 * h01ger waves
19:21:11 <ericnoan> With regards to your motivation, does it have to do with a lack of contributors or some technical blockers?
19:41:27 <TheSnide> ericnoan: well, i'm not really using munin anymore
19:41:45 <TheSnide> (since a while, that is)
19:42:29 <TheSnide> but since some time ago there were quite many ppl in here, so it kept me motivated. As I had some users :D
19:45:13 <TheSnide> then users faded away, and so did my motivation. Which then dragged even more users away. So, the vicious circle started. Which ended up where we are now
19:51:39 <thor77> TheSnide: uh, what are you using for monitoring your system(s) instead?
19:57:38 <TheSnide> thor77: nothing, as it's not my job anymore
19:57:43 <TheSnide> #endmeeting