19:32:04 <sumpfralle> #startmeeting
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19:32:27 <sumpfralle> who ist here?
19:32:53 * dipohl is here
19:33:09 <sumpfralle> #chair dipohl
19:33:09 <MeetBot> Current chairs: dipohl sumpfralle
19:33:52 <sumpfralle> #topic Release 2.0.35
19:34:01 <sumpfralle> TheSnide released!
19:34:04 <sumpfralle> we are happy
19:34:16 <sumpfralle> what now?
19:34:18 <dipohl> wow! \o/
19:34:50 <sumpfralle> I think, a few announcement details are open
19:34:54 <sumpfralle> the website?
19:35:04 <sumpfralle> dipohl: could you do this?
19:35:08 <dipohl> yes
19:35:33 <sumpfralle> who knows - maybe it is the last release with the trac website :)
19:35:58 <sumpfralle> h01ger: I would take care for the Debian packaging
19:36:09 <sumpfralle> but I think, we should move the repository to salsa first?
19:36:20 <sumpfralle> (the collaborative development host in Debian)
19:36:38 <h01ger> yeah, probably
19:36:41 <sumpfralle> ("the repository" -> the Debian packaging repository - not the main one)
19:36:51 <sumpfralle> can you do this? Or who else could?
19:36:58 <h01ger> or we do the upload now, and move to salsa in the next upload, possible just a -2 with only that change
19:37:01 <h01ger> would be quicker
19:37:04 <sumpfralle> ok
19:37:07 <h01ger> and (a bit) more work
19:37:11 <sumpfralle> yeah!
19:37:25 <sumpfralle> so you do it this time?
19:37:35 <h01ger> sumpfralle: please prepare the packaging in a dedicated branch, sumpfralle/unstable or some such
19:37:53 <sumpfralle> but then I will be tempted to strive for more :)
19:37:55 <sumpfralle> I will try
19:38:06 <sumpfralle> #chairs h01ger
19:38:42 <h01ger> i can create the salsa project just remind me on another day (via irc) or send mail
19:38:49 <sumpfralle> good
19:38:52 <doublehp-munin-last> hello
19:38:54 <dipohl> http://munin-monitoring.org/wiki/WikiStart
19:38:59 <h01ger> (sorry, busy busy busy & thanks!)
19:39:03 <dipohl> ^ announcement made
19:39:12 <sumpfralle> welcome doublehp-munin-last
19:40:04 <sumpfralle> dipohl: is it? (that would be really quick)
19:40:12 <sumpfralle> (right now I see 2.0.34)
19:40:30 <dipohl> reload?
19:40:50 <sumpfralle> *tried his best
19:41:05 <sumpfralle> anyway - it will be there
19:41:07 <sumpfralle> next topic?
19:41:51 <doublehp-munin-last> is the time to talk about 2 topics I started on the ML ? 1: bug https://github.com/munin-monitoring/munin/issues/937 . 2: wget -r issue on html-CGI masters
19:42:19 <dipohl> sumpfralle: sourceforge download?
19:42:21 <dipohl> https://sourceforge.net/projects/munin/files/?source=navbar
19:42:25 <sumpfralle> doublehp-munin-last: this is a very technical topic, that would require too much time for the 30min meetings, I guess?
19:42:48 <sumpfralle> #topic open issues
19:43:11 <dipohl> #topic Release 2.0.35
19:43:18 <dipohl> https://sourceforge.net/projects/munin/files/?source=navbar
19:43:20 <sumpfralle> dipohl: sorry - I did not check, really - I thought, they are there - let's take a look later?
19:43:44 <sumpfralle> or did you mean: get rid of the misleading sf files repository?
19:43:46 <dipohl> sumpfralle: they have not be placed there for a long time
19:43:53 <sumpfralle> indeed
19:43:56 <dipohl> last release there 2014
19:44:19 <kenyon> hmm my IPv6 fix for SNMPConfig.pm didn't make it into 2.0.35
19:44:32 <sumpfralle> kenyon: I missed that?
19:44:58 <sumpfralle> (I went through the issues and thought, I got the interesting ones)
19:45:27 <kenyon> sumpfralle: well in master it changed path from node/lib/Munin/Node/SNMPConfig.pm to lib/Munin/Node/SNMPConfig.pm, so maybe it's too hard to merge
19:45:41 <sumpfralle> kenyon: no - that should have been fine
19:45:45 <kenyon> the commit itself could be merged
19:45:45 <sumpfralle> I put it on my list
19:46:48 <sumpfralle> what about the sf files: I would prefer to have a non-github source for the release files
19:46:57 <sumpfralle> but sf is maybe also not the best place for this
19:47:04 <sumpfralle> or is it?
19:47:09 <dipohl> not really
19:47:10 <sumpfralle> I could update the release files, there
19:47:20 <sumpfralle> what else? Or is github sufficient?
19:47:24 <dipohl> but we used it before, so it can be reactivated
19:47:29 <sumpfralle> yeah!
19:47:30 <kenyon> sumpfralle: btw the fixes I'm talking about were to more than just that one file.
19:47:36 <sumpfralle> ok - I do it
19:47:50 <sumpfralle> kenyon: I will take a deep look. IPv6 is good - we want more of that!
19:48:15 <sumpfralle> #action upload latest releases to sf
19:48:27 <kenyon> really need to make a release from master I guess
19:48:38 <dipohl> #action sumpfralle will look at  IPv6 fix for SNMPConfig.pm
19:48:48 <sumpfralle> dipohl: thanks!
19:48:55 <sumpfralle> #topic release 2.999.x
19:49:10 <sumpfralle> TheSnide put it in our hands to do the 2.999 release.
19:49:18 <sumpfralle> So what do we want inside?
19:49:40 <sumpfralle> I have a list of things from the stable-2.0 branch, that I would cherry-pick over there.
19:49:46 <sumpfralle> But this is mainly plugins, again.
19:50:04 <kenyon> just release what's there and see what happens, I guess
19:50:11 * h01ger thinks changes should always first be merged into master, then in stable-2.0, ideally after testing in master
19:50:39 * sumpfralle thinks like holger, but we did not care for that until now (in pull requests)
19:50:59 <h01ger> we used to care... but anyway, glad if we care again ;)
19:51:11 <sumpfralle> ha - good! :)
19:51:20 <sumpfralle> kenyon: yes, I could live with that.
19:51:32 <dipohl> h01ger: I thought the two version do not comply.. ?
19:51:55 <h01ger> dipohl: so what?
19:51:59 <dipohl> as many things were changed in the devel version
19:52:08 <sumpfralle> as far as I understand: some parts of the code are very different
19:52:13 <sumpfralle> but most are comparable
19:52:20 <h01ger> dipohl: obviously if some code has diverted this does not apply
19:52:26 <sumpfralle> everything around storage of state is different
19:52:53 <sumpfralle> regarding 2.999.x: no one has a pet feature, that she/he really wants in for 2.999.?
19:53:42 * dipohl never used 2.999.x yet..
19:53:44 <kenyon> yes, my IPv6 fix which is already in there
19:53:57 <sumpfralle> ok - that's sufficient :)
19:54:13 <kenyon> that's the only thing preventing me from monitoring a router with SNMP now
19:54:14 <sumpfralle> maybe I will take a look at the config storage (e.g. "graph_scale") that is ignored
19:54:39 <sumpfralle> so I would do the cherry-picking from 2.0 until next week and then we arrange a release?
19:55:05 <kenyon> sounds goob
19:55:07 <kenyon> good
19:55:10 <dipohl> ok for me
19:55:30 <sumpfralle> #action sumpfralle cherry-pick from 2.0 for master (preparing a release)
19:55:48 <sumpfralle> #info we will discuss release details next week
19:56:05 <sumpfralle> any other topics?
19:56:16 <dipohl> #topic Munin Guide
19:56:23 <sumpfralle> cool!
19:56:26 <sumpfralle> progress!
19:56:45 <dipohl> I moved a lot of wiki content to the Guide in the last 2 weeks
19:57:20 <dipohl> There are some pages with ideas and drafts from the developers
19:57:38 <dipohl> My proposal is, that I move these content to the github wiki
19:58:26 <dipohl> to save the conceptual work that was already made
19:58:43 <dipohl> but these are to /drafty/ for the Guide I think
19:58:50 <sumpfralle> I hesitate slightly to expand the usage of the github wiki (increasing our lock-in into github). But I think, we should keep the nodes in a wiki-like thing. Thus the github wiki would be good (for me).
19:59:22 <dipohl> I do not see the github wiki as long living storage
19:59:34 * sumpfralle likes this approach
20:00:01 <dipohl> it's only to get the Trac empty so that we can close it
20:00:16 <dipohl> which leads to another #topic Munin Homepage
20:00:21 <sumpfralle> yeah!
20:00:30 <dipohl> #topci Munin Homepage
20:00:40 <dipohl> #topic Munin Homepage
20:00:44 <dipohl> puh!
20:00:50 <sumpfralle> :)
20:01:28 <dipohl> chteuchteu made this: https://munin-monitoring.github.io/
20:01:53 <sumpfralle> it looks more modern
20:01:56 <sumpfralle> and it is green
20:02:22 <dipohl> green is also the template for Munin 2.999
20:02:32 <sumpfralle> indeed
20:02:35 <dipohl> which is also made from him, if I see it right
20:03:45 <sumpfralle> The new website uses jekyll as a static page generator. Jekyll is packaged in Debian. Thus it is good, I guess?
20:03:53 <dipohl> I don't know if chteuchteu is still willing to continue with / finish the homepage
20:04:45 <sumpfralle> do we know, who talked to him recently?
20:05:05 <dipohl> his nick is logged in here all the time
20:05:31 <dipohl> but I have not seen any talking for a long time
20:06:18 <sumpfralle> Maybe an email would help? (I was never in contact with him)
20:06:39 <sumpfralle> If he cannot do it (or we cannot communicate), then we think about alternatives?
20:06:45 <sumpfralle> or do you have one in mind?
20:07:49 <dipohl> his github profile: https://github.com/chteuchteu
20:07:56 <dipohl> there is an email listed
20:08:07 <sumpfralle> OK - I will try
20:08:13 <dipohl> thanks!
20:08:24 <dipohl> #action sumpfralle will contact chteuchteu
20:08:57 <sumpfralle> there will be happy times ahead when all the trac is gone!
20:09:11 <sumpfralle> (it was very good and productive, I guess)
20:09:31 <sumpfralle> let us finish for today?
20:09:41 <dipohl> sumpfralle: concerning SF: Nikolai has access rights
20:09:49 <sumpfralle> good - thanks!
20:10:35 <dipohl> ok for finish
20:10:47 <sumpfralle> good - see you next week!
20:10:51 <sumpfralle> #endmeeting