19:29:16 <sumpfralle2> #startmeeting
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19:29:55 <sumpfralle2> #chair TheSnide h01ger be0rn chteuchteu kenyon
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19:30:15 <sumpfralle2> welcome!
19:30:21 <sumpfralle2> #topic review of last meeting
19:33:16 <sumpfralle2> FYI: http://meetbot.debian.net/munin/2018/munin.2018-05-02-19.29.html
19:33:42 <sumpfralle2> I had the task to document some build system details in the guide.
19:33:50 <sumpfralle2> I did not do this, yet :(
19:33:57 <sumpfralle2> so again:
19:34:05 <sumpfralle2> #task sumpfralle2 add build system details to the development documentation of the guide (in case it is missing)
19:34:31 <sumpfralle2> TheSnide had the task of manpage recovery
19:34:52 <sumpfralle2> I am not sure, if this already starts to annoy you :)
19:35:03 <sumpfralle2> (in this case, I could easily take this task)
19:35:12 <sumpfralle2> anyway for now:
19:35:25 <sumpfralle2> #task TheSnide or sumpfralle recover the few removed munin-2.0-pages of the munin-guide
19:36:04 <sumpfralle2> dipohl had the task to file a packaging bug against EPEL - and she did!
19:36:37 <sumpfralle2> #topic other things
19:37:00 <sumpfralle2> in case anyone wants to bring up a topic or something - do not hesitate :)
19:37:14 <sumpfralle2> otherwise I will just flow forward with bits from my head ...
19:38:32 <sumpfralle2> #info I communicated with be0rn (I hope my memory does not mix this up now) about the access to the new gallery VM that we will be gifted with
19:39:58 <sumpfralle2> in other news: I worked a lot on the Debian packaging for 3.0. Mostly related to working on non-systemd systems, manpages and loads of other small things.
19:40:07 <sumpfralle2> I will hand this over to h01ger for review today ...
19:44:05 * sumpfralle2 takes a quick walk to give other people time to spread their thoughts ...
19:52:46 <sumpfralle2> I think, we are finished with this meeting. Thanks for your attention :)
19:52:53 <sumpfralle2> #endmeeting