19:42:10 <sumpfralle2> #startmeeting
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19:42:46 <sumpfralle2> #chair TheSnide be0rn dipohl chteuchteu h01ger
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19:42:58 <sumpfralle2> #topic review last meeting
19:43:20 <sumpfralle2> The last one was a short one: just going through the previous one and postponing things :)
19:43:49 <sumpfralle2> indeed this week my task is still open: documenting the build procedure
19:44:09 <sumpfralle2> this week I will _really_ do it
19:44:39 <sumpfralle2> #action sumpfralle2 add build system details to the development documentation of the guide (in case it is missing)
19:44:52 <kuzetsa> sumpfralle2: is it terribly different on binary distros compared to how it's built by the arch or gentoo source-based package?
19:45:10 <TheSnide> I didn't find the missing things from the stable-2.0 thingy
19:45:27 <TheSnide> (i'm sure it's not lost, but didn't really know what exactly to search)
19:45:38 <sumpfralle2> kuzetsa: it is more about the fine details of the Build.PL script: string replacement and other things
19:45:45 <kuzetsa> fair
19:45:53 <sumpfralle2> (I am not too familiar with perl, but it does look a bit custom)
19:46:35 <sumpfralle2> TheSnide: if you do not mind, I would take this away from you? :)
19:49:49 <hugin> [13munin] 15sumpfralle created 06debian-experimental-sumpfralle (+26 new commits): 02https://git.io/vpFxS
19:49:49 <hugin> 13munin/06debian-experimental-sumpfralle 14ae01745 15Lars Kruse: munin-node: use manpage for "munin-doc" (not "munindoc")...
19:49:49 <hugin> 13munin/06debian-experimental-sumpfralle 14d19d0f8 15Lars Kruse: munin.lintian-overrides: manpage for munin-cron was not missing anymore
19:49:49 <hugin> 13munin/06debian-experimental-sumpfralle 142bec0df 15Lars Kruse: munin: include manpage for munin-httpd
19:52:36 * sumpfralle2 assumes TheSnide will answer later
19:52:46 <sumpfralle2> #topic other news
19:53:32 <dipohl> bugreport epel was assigned to 'orphaned owner'
19:53:42 <sumpfralle2> is that good or bad?
19:53:45 <dipohl> and has still state "NEW"
19:53:47 <dipohl> bad
19:55:53 <dipohl> there are more tickets that no one took to work on..
19:56:14 <sumpfralle2> If I remember correctly, two people announced to maybe work on the epel packaging here in the channel?
19:56:24 <sumpfralle2> I am really bad with names: was it kenyon and bcg?
19:56:38 <dipohl> fenris02 was the old maintainer
19:58:07 <sumpfralle2> Whoever it was: your work would be very welcome! (no pressure attached - just happiness!)
19:59:59 <dipohl> I suppose that it will be not so easy to get the package into epel / fedora again when it will be deleted in the next release..
20:00:43 <dipohl> They have 2.0.33 at the time
20:00:59 <dipohl> did we fix security issues since then?
20:01:46 <sumpfralle2> being deleted after non-maintenance: I guess, it is similar to other distributions: packaging is expected to be connected with maintenance
20:02:22 <sumpfralle2> security issues: I am not aware of a specific one - I will take a look at the issue list now ...
20:02:34 <dipohl> thanks!
20:04:12 <sumpfralle2> There is only one marked with "security": https://github.com/munin-monitoring/munin/issues/721
20:04:16 <dipohl> https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1575261
20:05:08 <sumpfralle2> ha - 2.0.33 was released just after fixing this :) (#721)
20:05:17 <dipohl> https://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2017-6188
20:05:34 <dipohl> good
20:05:59 <dipohl> I had the fear that they will throw out the package earlier otherwise..
20:06:19 <sumpfralle2> or it could have been an incentive to upgrade the packaged version
20:07:09 <sumpfralle2> On the Debian side: I just pushed the work that I did for the 2.999 packaging (in Debian experimental) to a branch and wrote the Debian maintainers of the package (probably h0lger). I am quite happy with the new state.
20:07:26 <sumpfralle2> Thus I can take a look at other things again, now :)
20:07:33 <dipohl> :-)
20:07:43 <sumpfralle2> (it was quite a bit time consuming, but gave me a better feeling for many things)
20:08:23 <hugin> [13munin] 15sumpfralle pushed 1 new commit to 06master: 02https://git.io/vpFj3
20:08:23 <hugin> 13munin/06master 144073748 15Lars Kruse: Makefile: replace directory placeholder with configured locations...
20:08:55 <sumpfralle2> Any other topics?
20:09:11 <dipohl> I have a lot of other things to do at the time, but to setup a new munin-master 2.0.37 build from sources is on the todo list
20:09:21 <be0rn> Yes, new servers. That's partially on me for the moment.
20:09:38 <sumpfralle2> #topic new server
20:10:06 <be0rn> I have received an ssh pubkey from sumpfralle2 and that is great, but we should find out who needs access where.
20:10:48 <be0rn> ATM I have no idea of what the project has been running earlier, but we can safely assume we will provice the same amount of servers to fulfil the same roles.
20:10:51 <dipohl> If sumpfralle cares for the gallery I don't need access
20:11:37 <dipohl> but I offer support / sharing the gallery work if needed
20:11:52 <sumpfralle2> be0rn: this sounds good!
20:11:56 <sumpfralle2> dipohl: appreciated!
20:12:15 <sumpfralle2> regarding amount of hosts (if that is what you mentioned): for now a single one is fine
20:12:18 <be0rn> sumpfralle2 / TheSnide : Could you two coordinate and find out 1) what we've had and 2) who goes where?
20:12:26 <sumpfralle2> And I am quite confident, that it is sufficent.
20:12:38 <be0rn> OK, then let's start with one
20:12:48 <sumpfralle2> great
20:12:50 <dipohl> with gallery and demo?
20:12:54 <be0rn> If we could create all users up front that'd be best
20:13:41 <sumpfralle2> dipohl: at least the gallery; the demo can follow, if we want to move it
20:13:42 <be0rn> That said, I suddenly became unsure whether this is about managing the server itself or the OS users.
20:13:46 <dipohl> be0rn: what do you mean by "up front"?
20:13:51 <be0rn> Let me find out and update you
20:13:57 <be0rn> dipohl: Before the server is configured
20:14:24 <be0rn> But now that I'm "thinking out loud" I can't see why we'd need that for OS users.
20:14:33 <sumpfralle2> be0rn: I imagined, that we organize ourselves on the server. But I am not aware of the policies of the donator :)
20:14:47 <be0rn> You're probably right
20:15:07 <be0rn> I was asked to provide a user list, but will follow this up shortly.
20:15:21 <sumpfralle2> thank you!
20:17:03 <sumpfralle2> any other topics?
20:17:09 <dipohl> be0rn: I will sent you my ssh-key before next meeting, ok?
20:17:16 <be0rn> Yes, thank you
20:17:54 <dipohl> What was the plan for restoring TheGuide now?
20:18:35 <dipohl> sumpfralle2: As TheSnide didn't find the lost pages, you took over, if I understood it right?
20:18:57 <sumpfralle2> since TheSnide did not refuse, I will claim this task now :)
20:19:02 <dipohl> :-)
20:19:13 <dipohl> no more topics from my side then
20:19:31 <sumpfralle2> same for me
20:20:20 * be0rn neither
20:20:31 <sumpfralle2> ok - have a good night!
20:20:33 <sumpfralle2> #endmeeting