19:46:54 <sumpfralle> #startmeeting
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19:46:56 <sumpfralle> welcome!
19:47:01 <TheSnide> oh... don't worry... i'm usualy
19:47:01 <sumpfralle> #chair TheSnide
19:47:01 <MeetBot> Current chairs: TheSnide sumpfralle
19:47:26 <sumpfralle> I saw you were busy with having fun :)
19:47:31 <TheSnide> yup
19:47:46 <TheSnide> got some days off, so went pretty crazy :)
19:47:54 <sumpfralle> yeah - perfect!
19:48:25 <TheSnide> so, basically, the psql port is working nicely
19:48:41 <TheSnide> and, the different is pretty small to the sqlite
19:48:59 <sumpfralle> in a perfect world: just the opening of the database connection?
19:52:47 <sumpfralle> btw: did you already push things to some visible location?
20:01:19 <TheSnide> yep
20:02:04 <sumpfralle> in your repository?
20:05:24 <sumpfralle> ok - now I see
20:05:39 <TheSnide> well, there's some little more to it, but not much
20:06:32 <sumpfralle> you collected a good pile of branches :)
20:09:27 <sumpfralle> we have a quiet meeting :)
20:09:49 * sumpfralle is fine with that - he has nothing much to tell besides digging into the Debian packaging
20:11:55 <sumpfralle> TheSnide: let us close the meeting and continue digging? :)
20:17:29 <hugin> [13munin] 15sumpfralle pushed 3 new commits to 06stable-2.0: 02https://git.io/fc4k2
20:17:29 <hugin> 13munin/06stable-2.0 14d4a322b 15Lars Kruse: Plugin postfix_mailvolume: calculate separate volume for delivered mails...
20:17:29 <hugin> 13munin/06stable-2.0 140220f16 15Lars Kruse: plugin postfix_mailvolume: do not use hashs with save_state/restore_state...
20:17:29 <hugin> 13munin/06stable-2.0 141c47337 15sumpfralle: Merge pull request #942 from sumpfralle/941-plugin-postfix_mailvolume...
20:19:16 <hugin> [13munin] 15sumpfralle commented on issue #961: @steveschnepp: what do you think - how should we proceed? 02https://git.io/fc4kX
20:21:44 <TheSnide> ok
20:22:08 <TheSnide> said most of the things last time.
20:22:27 <TheSnide> just that the pg version is *so* much faster than the sqlite that it is suspicious
20:23:11 <sumpfralle> hehe!
20:23:23 <sumpfralle> the small sites will still enjoy sqlite a lot.
20:23:28 <TheSnide> yup
20:23:34 <TheSnide> ease of use
20:23:36 <TheSnide> indeed.
20:23:41 <sumpfralle> definitely
20:23:58 <hugin> [13munin] 15sumpfralle commented on issue #893: > your link is broken, he stay here :x... 02https://git.io/fc4IO
20:24:06 <TheSnide> but there should be some optimization possible i think. but I won't dwel into that now
20:24:19 <TheSnide> (optim in sqlite)
20:24:22 <sumpfralle> sounds reasonable
20:24:28 <travis-ci> munin-monitoring/munin (stable-2.0 - 1c47337 : sumpfralle): The build passed.
20:24:28 <travis-ci> Build details: https://travis-ci.org/munin-monitoring/munin/builds/394728745
20:24:32 <TheSnide> ok, all for me
20:24:40 <sumpfralle> same for me
20:24:45 <sumpfralle> #endmeeting